Can a Hydraulic Press Crush Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws? No, It Can’t.

When you fire up a new video from the Hydraulic Press Channel, you don’t watch to see if the press can crush a watermelon or cameras or a toilet, but how it will crush these things. The crushing will happen because the hydraulic press is the ultimate compression implement. That said, it may have met its match, but it had to look to comic books for that to happen.

What’s actually going on here is a very clever piece of viral marketing for the upcoming movie Logan. For those who happen to somehow not know, Logan, or Marvel‘s Wolverine, has retractable bone claws plated in adamantium, a totally made up metal alloy that is virtually indestructible. So in the video, our narrator managed to get his hands on a small ball of adamantium, but when he tries to crush it, things don’t go that smoothly. After realizing his current settings aren’t strong enough, he cranks up the power, only to embed the ball into the block of steel it was resting on.Not content with ending the video like that, he sought the help of a “friend,” who we only see from the forearm down. Of course, this person has claws that look a lot like Wolverine’s, and when the press tries to flatten them… we won’t ruin that for you, but if the first test was any indication, it didn’t go well.

Watch the video for yourself above, and rest easy knowing that the hydraulic press reigns supreme, since it can only be defeated by materials that don’t actually exist.

Image: Hydraulic Press Channel

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