Wizards of the Coast Announce New Storyline: Tomb of Annihilation

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Wizards of the Coast announced their new storyline for D&D today on their official  Twitch channel. They’re running a special stream event today and tomorrow called the Stream of Annihilation, a play on the title of the new storyline, Tomb of Annihilation.

Tomb of Annihilation takes place in the Forgotten Realms in the lost Land of Chult. There players will trudge through dense jungle and encounter dinosaurs, undead, and the snake-like Yuan-Ti. Acererak, the demi-lich from Tomb of Horrors, will make a comeback and appear stronger than ever. A new feature DMs can deploy is Meatgrinder Mode which makes everyone’s Death Saving Throw 15. It looks like DMs will have the option to make the game as difficult as they want, creating a true high-stakes adventure for their party.

Wizards of the Coast emphasized that they want to allow more space for exploration in this new storyline. They’ve always felt that D&D has three different components: role-play, combat and exploration; but the first two components have gotten more focus in game development the last few years. They wanted to create a more sandbox-type environment to allow players to find stories by just exploring Chult and encountering NPCs. They also want to give room for DMs to take inspiration from the storyline and create their own stories and adapt the map.

The Tomb of Annihilation will be available at your FLGS on September 8, and will be released globally on September 19th. Tune in throughout today and tomorrow to their Twitch channel for more news, updates and live play-throughs of D&D. There will also be details about their videogame, Neverwinter, and other products.

Featured Image Credit:Wizards of the Coast

Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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