Witches, Dinosaurs, and Athletes: The Art of Woonyoung Jung

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Occasionally I stumble across someone’s art that is so delightful that it makes me smile every time I see it. Woonyoung’s paintings are just that. He has created a wonderful world where witches hang out and go on road trips, ladies play sports with dinosaurs, and magical moments can happen anywhere. There is something badass about the women he paints and they feel relatable and fun. I totally want to go on a road trip with a couple of witches. They look awesome in their witch hats. Can we bring those back? I can see it now: Witch hats are in for fall!

Woon went to Korea Animation High School, a public art school, where he learned art and animation and then went to ArtCenter College of Design in California for illustration/entertainment design. He said the Dinosaur series was inspired by a drawing from he did in high school of a ninja who is riding a dinosaur. “It was more like fantasy character back then but I thought I would be more interesting if I draw a dinosaur with a contemporary character. So I designed the character like an [athlete] so I ended up drawing dinosaurs in many different sports.”

I asked Woon about the fantastic witches and he said “Witches were actually a completely happy accident. I was drawing two ladies in a cafe having a conversation and of course, It was little too generic so I gave them witch hats, very simple and colorful not black traditional looking, and immediately the image became super mundane but special at the same time. It was very fun discovery.”

You can find Woon’s art on  Instagram and Tumblr.  He’s also looking to create an online store soon. Check out all the awesomeness in the gallery below.

What do you think? Should witches hats become a thing? Who are your favorite artists? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits:  Woonyoung Jung

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