A Woman Rescued A Wingless Bee And Now They’re Best Friends

Humans and bees have a pretty symbiotic relationship: We steal their honey, and in return, they sting us sometimes. It works! There’s one woman who took this level of companionship even further, though, when she saw a bee in need and decided to give it a lifeline.

As Bored Panda notes, Fiona Presly, a library assistant from Inverness, Scottish Highlands, came across a wingless bee in her garden last spring, which became that way due to a virus that hampered its wing development. She decided to take care of it, and, grateful for the compassion, the bee ended up becoming very friendly towards her and actually outlived the typical bee lifespan.

As warm and fuzzy as this is, Presly warns in a recent Facebook post that her experience was atypical, and that generally speaking, bees shouldn’t be kept as pets:

“My experience with Bee was somewhat unique as she was unable to fly. If you find a bumblebee and it has got caught out from cold or damp and is perhaps lacking in energy, help it by giving it some sugary water and a wee bit warmth. Once it has recovered send it on the way as it has a short life cycle and really needs to be out there to keep that cycle going. They are not meant to be pets. Plant some bee friendly flowers and have a place in your garden that isn’t quite as manicured and the bees, butterflies and others will love it.”

Is this the most heartwarming human/animal relationship you’ve ever seen? Share your feelings in the comments!

Featured image: David Short/Flickr

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