Winding Spiral Chain Reaction Pops in Mesmerizing Wave

In a new TikTok video from user blwz2e we get a glimpse of a one-of-a-kind demonstration of the domino effect. And while it’s hard to say what inspired the thrilling chain reaction of snapping sticks, one thing is clear: Watching these stitched sticks pop off is good for at least a few loops of whoa.

Blwz2e recently posted the above video to his TikTok account, simply noting it’s a response to some kind of skill challenge. Unfortunately, the TikToker is exceptionally withdrawn in terms of an online profile. (As in no bio information, nor a profile picture.) Although he obviously loves setting up these kinds of domino-effect chains, with a significant oeuvre on his page.

In the video above blwz2e shows himself lighting his chain reaction with a tiny firecracker. The video is brief, but excites as it shows one section of cross-stitched sticks after another snapping into the air like so many eagle rays jumping from the ocean. In a smooth, wavelike form as well, which carries almost all the way until the end of the reaction.

TikToker blwz2e lighting a chain reaction of weaved sticks with a tiny firework.

As for how blwz2e managed the reaction, he likely used the method outlined in this video from experimenter Dave Hax. As Hax explains, you can take say, some wide popsicle sticks, and stitch them up in such a way that bends them against each other; in turn, allowing them to store energy. If you unbend one of the sticks at the end of the strip of stitches, the whole thing erupts into the air in sequence.

For those who find this kind of eccentric chain reaction entrancing, blwz2e has many more similar videos. Including ones that are straight up lit. Literally, as they consist of a bunch of candles. There are also, of course, a bunch of epic chain reactions using normal dominoes that are worth checking out. Especially this one that a hyper-precise robot organized.

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