Watch Will Smith and Tom Holland’s Hilarious Escape Room Adventure

What happens when you get two funny and beloved actors together for a fun mission? You get a ton of hilarious moments and jokes packed into an entertaining YouTube video. Spies in Disguise co-stars Will Smith and Tom Holland came together to take on an escape hotel and chat about the upcoming animated spy comedy, which premieres on Christmas Day. The film stars Smith as Lance Sterling, a spy who is turned into a pigeon, and Holland as Walter Beckett, the socially awkward scientist who turned Lance into a bird and now must fins a way to correct his big mistake.

Interestingly, Smith and Holland met for the very first time just prior to completing the escape room. It makes sense because actors in animated films often record their parts on different days and perhaps even in different studios. Despite having just met, the pair showed off their natural chemistry, chatting about their experience recording the film in separate sessions. Holland was super excited to meet someone that he grew up watching in films while Smith jokes about his co-star looking really smart with sexy vibes.

Will Smith/YouTube

Things get really entertaining when the game gets started for a clueless Will Smith and terrified Tom Holland. Do they know the rules? No. Are they going to ask before they jump into it? Absolutely not. The pair are blindfolded and led into separate rooms that look like prison cells before a video pops up to give them the details of their mission.

They begin to go through a number of challenges in a faux military prison where they are being (falsely?) held for espionage. The clock continuously counts down while they make it out of cells, figure out Morse code, unlock compartments, and figure out an interesting riddle. Do they make it out in time? You will have to watch and find out if they can solve it in time.


There are some great moments, including Tom Holland’s dancing in strobe lights, comparing himself to James Bond, and being wonderfully British in general. Will Smith is always a fun guy to watch and this time is no different as he solves a couple of puzzles with ease. He says no one should be surprised as he’s saved a planet and fought zombies—among other cool things. What a flex.

It honestly makes you feel a little high-key jealous of both actors. Imagine how cool it must be to meet an actor you love and then get a chance to hang out with him in an escape room. And, it’s also awesome for Will Smith because, well, Tom Holland is Spider-Man on top of being a fun dude.

None of us asked for—or expected—Will Smith and Tom Holland having fun together but it’s exactly what we need right now. Maybe one day we will see them onscreen in a movie together but Spies in Disguise and this video are the next best thing.

Image Credit: Will Smith/YouTube

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