Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd Name Their Costar’s Best Movies

Paul Rudd is having, by any standard, a pretty decent time. People even named him 2021’s Sexiest Man Alive. Congratulations, Ant-Man. You beat out literally billions of men for that honor. But if we’re being honest, we’re far more interested in a new interview he did with Will Ferrell. The two Anchorman alums sat down with The AV Club’s Marah Eakin to discuss their latest project together.

The two actors star in Apple TV+’s upcoming series The Shrink Next Door. Considering it also features Kathryn Hahn, we couldn’t be more excited for its November 12 premiere. Where will it ultimately rank among each performer’s best projects? That remains to be seen. But we now know which Paul Rudd movie is Will Ferrell’s favorite. And which Will Ferrell movie is Paul Rudd’s favorite.

Their answers didn’t surprise us. But Paul Rudd not expecting that question did.

While Will Ferrell instantly said Wet Hot American Summer is his favorite Paul Rudd movie, the MCU’s Scott Lang was initially caught off guard by the query. That provided Ferrell the perfect opportunity to make a joke out of the whole thing. “Paul has been very open with me. He’s like, ‘I think you’re a great guy. I really do like you. But I don’t love the work. I’ll give you one last chance,’ and I think I finally proved it to you this time,” said Ferrell.

Rudd did eventually come up with an answer. Many actually. He cited Anchorman, Elf, and Step Brothers. Not exactly obscure Will Ferrell films. But since all three are absolute classics that we would also name, we can’t fault him for going with those three.

A stony-faced Will Ferrell and a laughing Paul Rudd talk to The AV Club about The Shrink Next Door
The AV Club

Hopefully, The Shrink Next Door is anywhere near as good as the projects these two cited. If it is it will join the lists of both Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd’s best works.

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