Who Dies in THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3?

The Umbrella Academy’s third season is finally here! The Brellies and the Birds are going head to head while the world is still in flux. As is customary in this universe, there’s a ton of death and dismay as the Hargreeves try to save the world…again. So, who dies in The Umbrella Academy season three? The answers to this question are more complex than you’d imagine.

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The Umbrella Academy Moms 

Yep, you read that right. Thanks to Harlan, his unlucky connection with Viktor, grief, and Reginald Hargreeves mucking with fate by adopting a new brood of kids, he exploded the minds of Viktor and crew’s moms before they were born. Now, whether this event stuck at the end with this new timeline isn’t clear but we can only assume these women remain dead. 

Marcus Hargreeves
Umbrella Academy season 3 or three - The Sparrows' leader, Marcus, reaches towards something lit up

What a bummer. The Sparrow’s Number One was in the show for a hot minute (and boy did he look hot) before the Kugelblitz pulled him in. We know that the “new new Ben” made it into the new timeline but we didn’t get a glimpse of his siblings. However, if Luther was able to come back then perhaps those Sparrow people are out there somewhere, too. Marcus was a bit of a jerk but, after his conversation with Viktor, he actually isn’t that bad. 

Fei Hargreeves 

Fei, who looks like she’d fit right into the Matrix universe, accidentally takes herself out. She clinks her glass against Christopher, who contains the Kugelblitz within himself. He explodes out and sucks her in during the process. 

Christopher Hargreeves

It seems that red is the right color for the Sparrows. Why? Because all of these folks pretty much die, even the telekinetic cube. As mentioned in Fei’s section, he cannot contain the Kugelblitz and explodes in the process, kicking off the final string of desperate events. 

Alphonso Hargreeves

Alphonso aka Sparrow Number Four gets obliterated by Harlan’s power. To be fair, Harlan was protecting Viktor and this guy was a complete tool. He will not be missed. There’s always some chance that a version of him exists in this new timeline but, considering the Umbrella collective no longer have powers, he probably doesn’t either. That is, if he exists at all. 

Jayme Hargreeves 
Umbrella Academy season 3 or three offer a closer look at the Sparrows

Jayme became Harlan’s other victim during the Hotel Obsidian standoff. RIP to her and her very gross, confusing venom spitting powers. 


Yes, Grace is a robot but she’s very real for the Umbrella kids. She “dies” at the hands of Five this time after she tries to intervene and help save “God” a.k.a. Kugelblitz. 


Sissy dies from a terminal illness on October 1, 1989. Of course, we discover that her death leads to Harlan’s powers skewing out of control and killing a whole lot of innocent mothers. We can only assume that Sissy isn’t alive in this new timeline or, if she is, that she’s a much older woman who probably doesn’t know Viktor anymore. 


It wasn’t super shocking to see Harlan again considering how season two ended. But it was a shocker when Allison actually killed him in retaliation for killing the Umbrella moms. Poor guy. He didn’t mean to do it and he wasn’t harmful anymore without powers. Hate to see it. It’s quite likely that Harlan doesn’t even exist in this new timeline/reality so we can assume he’s DEAD dead. 

Umbrella Academy first look images - Harlan Cooper, a child, sitting on a table

This mischievous little sh*t causes a ton of problems, setting things on fire and killing Uncle Klaus, among other things. Still, he won the heart of Diego and prepared him for the wild world of eventual fatherhood. And, even though the show doesn’t focus on it a ton, it’s pretty cool that he came from 1989 Berlin yet didn’t miss a beat in a different timeline. Sad to see him go. 

A Lot of Random Earth People (and Animals)

In the Sparrow timeline, the whole world dies while the Sparrows and Umbrellas try to figure things out. The man selling condoms at a city stand. The front desk guy at Obsidian. Random people on the street. It’s pretty mindblowing. 


Klaus dies more times than we can count this season. In front of a bus. In front of a car. By speargun. By a buffalo’s horn. So much death for poor Klaus and much of it at the hands of his father. However, it works to his favor as he learns to master his power and connection with death more, becoming pretty much invincible. 


Reginal Hargreeves proves himself to truly only care about himself and those who can benefit him in every timeline. He kills Luther for no other reason than to force his children to go into the portal to Hotel Oblivion. Thankfully we get Luther back in a new timeline but he’s heartbroken over losing Sloane. 

The Oblivion Guardians 

They were big and beastly, getting the upper hand on Diego and even Five. But the Sparrows and Umbrellas took them down one by one in glorious fashion. Love to see it. 

the hargreeves look at another figure in suprise in umbrella academy season two
Reginald Hargreeves 

Allison is quite the killer. Reginal Hargreeves gets his head sliced in The Umbrella Academy season three by his own daughter. It’s a move that makes sense considering that he nearly killed everyone for his quest. But alas, it is another death that doesn’t mean much in yet another timeline. He still appears to be rich and up to no good once again. But maybe without super kids he can somehow do less damage. Let’s just hope that the apocalypses are done for good. 

Sloane Hargreeves?

Sloane and Luther’s love story is a sweet (and lowkey weird) part of this season. She doesn’t visibly die in front of anyone at the end but she’s also mysteriously missing as they step into a new timeline. We do see Ben so perhaps she’s somewhere out there, too. But, will Luther Hargreeves find Sloane? It’s not impossible; however, she may not even remember him in this timeline. We don’t know if The Umbrella Academy will be renewed for season four (or who dies in yet another timeline) but we hope so for the sake of getting answers. 

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