What You’ve Always Wished For: A Real-Life Pokémon Gym

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Break out your Pokéballs and make sure you’ve used that hidden machine to teach your Pidgeotto Fly. You heard it here first (Probably. Maybe? Hopefully.): a real-life Pokémon Gym is opening up in Japan. Officially titled the “ Pokémon Expo Gym”, this training facility for your pokéskills will open in Osaka, Japan on November 19th.

The Gym will combine your love of battling those sweet, adorable Pokémon with a myriad of educational programs to help you become the very best trainer you can be. After all, isn’t that what we all aspire to be: very best, like no on ever was?

Highlights include “Charizard’s Battle Colosseum” and “Gardevoir’s Control Score,” that not only raise your battle prowess but also potentially gift you special, limited edition Pokémon for your X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby games.

Reportedly, the Gym will also be launching an app shortly for smart phones that records your stats and rankings as they compare to other members of the gym. It is yet unclear if losing a battle will cause you to lose consciousness or not. For authenticity purposes I’m hopeful that this is the case, and besides, they can always take you to the nearby Pokémon Center.

You can get the full scoop at Siliconera.

Featured Image:  Pokémon Expo Gym
Image Credits: Pokémon Expo Gym via  Siliconera

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