WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Throws a Dance Party in Season 4 Teaser

What We Do in the Shadows ended its third season with our favorite vampires going their separate ways. Nadja was heading across the Atlantic to make a triumphant return in the UK. Guillermo, against his will, was along for that slow boat ride. Meanwhile, Nandor was hitting the road to travel around the world, while Laszlo stayed behind on Staten Island to take care of the newly reborn Colin Robinson. It was a bittersweet end to an amazing season. But while we don’t know when they’ll reunite, when they do it’s going to be cause for celebration. And that’s exactly what we got in a new season four teaser trailer for What We Do in the Shadows. Because no one throws a dance party like them, even when the world’s creepiest baby is invited.

It hasn’t even been gone that long but bloody hell did we miss the show. The party in this What We Do in the Shadows trailer looks like so much fun we wish we could have went, even if we almost certainly would have died at the hands of a blood-thirsty vampire. That is unless we proved to be a suitable marriage party for the still love-hungry Nandor. He’s clearly not giving up on finding his own eternal sweetheart/maid.

Speaking of couples, Nadja and Laszlo’s time apart won’t last forever. They’re both here rocking out. Parties are not quite the orgies they once frequented. But that’s for the best, since they brought teeny tiny Colin Robinson with them. Sure, he might be a big-headed baby, but this kid’s got moves. He also seems to be having more fun than big Colin Robinson ever did. Maybe his head implosion was a good thing for all the roommates.

Guillermo points at the camera from a disco club dance floor in a What We Do in the Shadows season four teaser

Kristen Schaal’s Guide is also along for the fun. At least for one night she doesn’t have to babysit any children or grown adults. And while he’s still not a vampire thanks to Laszlo robbing him of the opportunity, Guillermo is finding ways to fly. When he’s not getting groovy on the floor he’s coming in like a disco wrecking ball. It would be worth risking certain death just to see that in person.

We’ll gladly settle for seeing it on TV, though. And we’ll get that chance when What We Do in the Shadows returns to FX this summer. Season four premieres on Tuesday, July 12. That was already going to be a reason to party. But now we’ll make sure to have our dancing shoes on.

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