What If GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Were a Film From DC and Not Marvel?

The Marvel Comics vs DC Comics rivalry has been going on for decades, ever since Stan Lee started referring to DC as “Brand Echh” back in the pages of the old comics. But in our modern era, Marvel vs DC comics has given way to Marvel Studios vs Warner Brothers/DC Films: the movie edition. While Marvel Studios has established a particular brand with their films, emphasizing humor and adventure, Warner Brothers has decided to take an almost totally opposite approach with their DC Comics based films.

The first DCEU (DC Extended Universe) film was Man of Steel, a film in which Superman barely managed to crack a smile once. Although Warners got criticized for their somber, dark tone in that film, they inexplicably decided to double down on that tone for the next DCEU movie, Batman v Superman. By the time their third movie Suicide Squad rolled around, we knew there was a pattern here, and two competing styles had been established–Marvel equals high stakes adventure, but filled with jokes and fun, while DC equals grunting and brooding, and lots of TV news pundits decrying the need for superheroes.

But what if Marvel movies decided to go the DCEU route? Thanks to this fan made trailer, via the folks at Yahoo, we can now see the result. Someone took Marvel Studios’ most colorful, exuberant film, Guardians of the Galaxy, and replaced all the classic rock songs and jokes with a bleak, ominous score, and a color grading that drained the movie of all its brightness joy. And then, by focusing on the movie’s darker moments, like the alien villain Ronin’s execution of a captured man with a giant mallet, or the sad deathbed scene with Peter Quill’s mother that opens the movie, it makes the entire film look like an ultra-serious movie that you might not want to take your 8 year old to. You can check out the fan made trailer down below:

Now, before you DC fanboys come at me with torches and pitchforks, I should actually speak my truth: I rather enjoy Man of Steel a lot, despite its flaws. And it looks like both Wonder Woman and maybe even Justice League could be the course corrections that the DCEU needs. But until that happens, Warner Brothers has set the tone for their DC based films. They made their bed, now they’ve got to sleep in it–and expect scathing (yet hilarious and right on the money) fan parodies like this one.

 What do you think of the Guardians given the DCEU treatment? Give us your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Studios / Warner Brothers

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