WESTWORLD Season 3 Trailer Returns to the Park

Westworld‘s second season changed everything we knew about the show. Dolores took full control over her life and escaped the park, creating a powerful secret ally on the way in Tessa Thompson’s no-longer-human Charlotte Hale. And while she wasn’t the only host to head out on an all-new adventure, the new trailer for the series promises that not everyone is done with the park (which now includes a World War II-themed attraction). Wherever the hosts go, real or not, blood and violence are sure to follow.

The previous teaser for the show focused on Aaron Paul’s new character, a (seemingly) human low-level conman making his way through a stunning-but-sterile real world. However, this new trailer, released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, focuses on our favorite hosts. Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores narrates how she expected the human world to be different from the one she was created for. At some point, the two will come in contact, and it doesn’t look like a pleasant meeting for Paul’s character, who is tied up and led to the edge of a tall building.

Just as intriguing is Maeve’s time in a WWII-themed park; those scenes seem likely to be flashbacks. Could she be the powerful force Bernard (and his awesome beard) returns to the park for? Did she prove how tough she was during her escapades fighting Nazis? With Westworld, we probably won’t know for sure until the season three finale.

Quick flashes of other characters who are sure to play major roles are also interspersed throughout, including Ed Harris’ William, last seen as a reincarnated host trapped in his own personal hell, as well as secret host Stubbs, played by Luke Hemsworth.

This show always keeps its viewers in the dark over when and what is happening (and even to whom), so it’s hard to decipher timelines and plots from trailers. But this does reveal two things clearly: just because the hosts have escaped the park they aren’t done with it entirely, and things are no less dangerous in the real world anyway.

Featured Image: HBO

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