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Aaron Paul Ushers in a Whole New WESTWORLD in Season 3 Trailer

Westworld‘s second season ended with the park in shambles and the hosts on their way out into the real world to continue their insurrection against their human overlords. That finale promised a massive change that might not have anything to do with the Old West world we had come to know in the series’ first two years. The first trailer for season three is even more of a departure than we anticipated, as new cast regular Aaron Paul introduces a show that looks nothing like the one we knew before.

Well, minus the part where Dolores is still the most dangerous woman (or host) anywhere.


This moody first look at the next season takes place entirely in the real world, far away from the murderous theme park. It’s narrated by three-time Emmy winner and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, whose new blue-collar criminal speaks of being disillusioned with the current state of a rotten, technologically-advanced world. (Tell us about it.) It’s not clear if he’s an actual human or a robot, but there’s no mistaking what Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores is. She’s not revealed until the end of the trailer, but on a second viewing it’s clear she’s just as comfortable killing her enemies in a cocktail dress as she was shooting them from atop a horse.

While this first teaser sets the tone and place for season three, it doesn’t give much away regarding the role Paul is playing. There’s also no sign of how many time jumps will be involved, or of major characters like Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard, Thandie Newton’s Maeve, or Ed Harris’ William.

Dolores needs help from someone. Will Paul’s character help her or be a threat to her? We don’t know, but whatever he does, it probably won’t involve wearing a cowboy hat. This might be exactly the fresh start the show needs.

Featured Image: HBO

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