Wes Anderson’s THE WONDERFUL STORY OF HENRY SUGAR Has a Special Plan in First Trailer

If you could see without using your eyes—including seeing things no one else can—what would you do with that ability? Would you use that power for good? Personal gain? Both? That’s the premise of Roald Dahl’s 1977 tale for adults, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. Now his short story is coming to the screen thanks to Wes Anderson. And the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming short film starring Benedict Cumberbatch is as Wes Anderson-y as you’d think.

You never really have to say “directed by Wes Anderson” before someone watches one of his trailers, because within five seconds it’s obvious he, and he alone, must have directed it. That’s certainly the case with this first look at his upcoming short film. It stars Cumberbatch as the titular hero (and also as Max Engelman). Henry Sugar is a man with a plan—a plan to get rich using an incredible skill. Here’s Netflix’s official logline for the movie:

A beloved Roald Dahl short story about a rich man who learns about a guru who can see without using his eyes and then sets out to master the skill in order to cheat at gambling.

Honestly? I’d do the exact same thing. And, uh, I’d also, like, help people with my winnings.

Benedict Cumberbatch in pajamas and Ralph Fiennes as an old-timey police cap with a big hat

The 39-minute short also stars Ben Kingsley as both guru Imdad Khan and Croupier, as wveryone in the star-studded cast is pulling double duty. Ralph Fiennes plays Roald Dahl himself as well as a policeman. Dev Patel joins them as Dr. Chatterjee and John Winston, and Richard Ayoade is along for some symmetrical fun as Dr. Marshall and Yogi.

The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar had its world premiere earlier this month at the Venice Film Festival where it earned rave reviews. The rest of us will have to wait to see it with our own eyes when it arrives on Netflix September 27.

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