Iconic Roald Dahl Stories Are Coming To Netflix As Animated Series

Nov 27 2018 -- 10:10 AM

Roald Dahl has created some of the most iconic and memorable kids stories of all time. Whether you loved the Gothic creepiness of The Witches, or the fantastical food-based adventure of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's likely you had a favorite Dahl book growing up. Well, lucky for you, on Tuesday, Deadline announced a whole new generation will be discovering some of his most iconic creations as Netflix, in a deal with The Roald Dahl Company, has announced a whole new slate of animated projects based on his beloved tales.

A teaser video released by Netflix mentions a few of the most famous stories that will be coming to the small screen, but the press release given to Deadline reveals a huge roster of over 15 books including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Matilda; The BFG; The Twits; Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator; George’s Marvellous Medicine; Boy – Tales of Childhood; Going Solo; The Enormous Crocodile; The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me; Henry Sugar; Billy and the Minpins; The Magic Finger; Esio Trot; Dirty Beasts; and Rhyme Stew. The massive list of projects announced means these Dahl properties will likely become a large part of Netflix's ongoing roster.

We're disappointed not to see the Witches on the slate... yet! But we're very excited to see the most underrated sci-fi story of all time, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, finally come to life. Will you be eagerly awaiting new animated projects? Got a favorite that was left off the list? Really want Matilda to be a musical? Whatever your thoughts make sure to let us know below!

Images: Netflix, Warner Bros, Penguin Books