Wes Anderson Characters Face Off Against Each Other in This Card Game

Name your top five favorite Wes Anderson characters. Are they from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou? The Royal Tenenbaums? Something else? The writer/director is known for his quirky, overflowing with personality characters. Their exaggerated natures make them beloved. Given how many of Anderson’s characters are over the top in the best ways, who do you think would win if you pit them against each other? That’s exactly what Belly Kids does with their Wes Anderson trump card game Completely Open.

The 25-card game illustrated by Frank Conradie includes everyone from Steve Zissou, to Mr. Fox, to Margot Tenenbaum. Each character has stats listing box office take, family troubles, and a few other factors. All of those numerical values will help you determine who is the most Wes Anderson character of them all in a very official way, with very well done art.

To see more of the Wes Anderson characters featured on the cards, hop to the gallery below. If you’re ready to own a copy of the game and pit everyone against each other, you can purchase it from Belly Kids.

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Images: Belly Kids

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