‘Weird Al’ Yankovic to Get Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Hollywood has always been a place where executives and talent Dare to Be Stupid, sign Fat paychecks, act all White ‘n’ Nerdy, and occasionally Eat It when their gambles fail, so who better for the town to honor than “Weird Al” Yankovic? While he’s been spending most of his life living in a song satirist’s paradise, as his career has kept adapting, it’s now time for him to get walked on, when his name becomes part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yankovic announced the honor in a Tweet earlier today:

Michael Jackson, who was probably the most notable target of Yankovic’s parodies over the years, has his star nearby, at 6927 Hollywood Blvd. on the other side of the street. It would be funny if they were directly adjacent, but Al deserves his own spotlight, particularly in the wake of a national tour that spotlighted all his original songwriting. It’s probably about even money that he writes a song about the experience of getting his name on the sidewalk.

If you live in the area, will you come out for Al? Have you picked out a Hawaiian shirt for the occasion? Let us know in comments below.

Image: Sony Legacy

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