Weird Al and Weezer Go Full “Undone” in Their “Africa” Music Video

Every time we think we have reached the end of the story of Weezer‘s cover of “Africa,” we turn out to be wrong. So, so wrong. First a fan convinced the band to record their own version of Toto’s classic song. Then it became a surprise summer radio hit. Toto responded with their own rendition of Weezer’s “Hash Pipe,” and that was followed by “Weird Al” Yankovic joining Weezer on stage to play “Africa” live. The latest entry in this never-ending story has gone full Inception, because Weezer’s new music video for their “Africa” cover has become a tribute to their classic “Undone” video starring Weird Al dressed like Rivers Cuomo from the “Buddy Holly” video.


Oh man did Weird Al kill it in this video, and kudos to the rest of the band for their subtly great Weezer cosplay, especially to replacement Brian Bell’s wig.

Now “Weird Al dressed like Rivers Cuomo in an ‘Undone’ video tribute” isn’t just in my wheelhouse, that is my wheelhouse, but I need to go old school nerd for a minute as someone whose all-time favorite record is Weezer’s Blue Album and say: How can you do an homage to “Undone” without having any dogs in your video? Where are the dogs? It’s bad enough Weird Al didn’t have Rivers’ lightning bolt guitar strap, but to leave out the dogs?

Is it possible they are saving the dogs for when Toto does their own tribute to Weird Al’s “Fat” video? Or will the next step in this story be when Weezer dresses like Toto in a video for Weird Al’s “Say It Ain’t So” cover? When will this end?

Never. This will never end. Obviously we were all incepted with the idea this one cover is the only song that matters anymore.

What do you hope happens next in the story of Weezer’s “Africa?” Tell us in the comments below what you’d like to see next.

Featured Image: Weezer

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