The WEDNESDAY Trailer Reveals Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester

We’re all eagerly anticipating Netflix’s Wednesday, director Tim Burton’s modern take on the iconic The Addams Family characters. Sadly, Wednesday won’t make her debut in time for Halloween this year. (You know those Addams folk, always fashionably late). Instead, Netflix will drop the Jenna Ortega-starring series on November 23. Which, of course, falls on a Wednesday.

But to give us something creepy and kooky during this spooky season, Netflix has released another trailer for Wednesday, and it gives us our first look at one of the major members of the Addams clan: Uncle Fester. None other than Fred Armisen plays the character. We can’t think of anyone to better fill Christopher Lloyd’s heavy black boots. You can watch the new trailer for Wednesday below.

The trailer gives us more glimpses of Wednesday’s iconic parents, Gomez and Morticia. Not to mention a deeper look into Wednesday’s new home, the Nevermore Academy. The footage previews even more of the freakishly weird students who populate the school grounds. We already knew from the previous trailer that the school has students who are vampires and gorgons. But it looks like there’s a werewolf pack too. We’re not sure what the kids with no faces are supposed to be, but they sure freak us out.

Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester on Netflix's Wednesday series.

Aside from our first look at Armisen as Fester Addams, the other important trailer reveal is our first look at Christina Ricci, who plays Marilyn Thornhill. Ricci, of course, played Wednesday Addams in the two Addams Family moves from the early ’90s. Despite what many people still assume, Tim Burton didn’t direct either of those movies, even though they really seem like early Burton films. But, Ricci has a history with the Beetlejuice director, having starred in Sleepy Hollow in 1999. She was the best part of the ’90s films, so we’re glad she’s still part of the Addams Family family.

Wednesday‘s 10-episode first season arrives on November 23.

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