No One Will Object to Krispy Kreme’s Wedding Doughnuts

What kind of person serves doughnuts when they get married? Me. I’m that kind of person. Fortunately, so is my wife, otherwise those sweet treats would not have been a part of our special day. But while we served doughnuts at our wedding, they weren’t wedding doughnuts. Not like the ones you can now buy at Krispy Kreme locations down under. In Australia the doughnut chain is offering up a chance to say “I do” with some matrimony-themed treats.

A stack of white frosted donuts and flowers arranged like a wedding cakeKrispy Kreme Australia

Krispy Kreme Australia’s new “ The Wedding Dozen” doughnuts (which we first came across at DesignTAXI) look as good as they sound. The custom-made sweets feature the company’s Original Glazed yeast-raised ring donuts. They are then “hand-dipped” into a “creamy white chocolate truffle” icing. Krispy Kreme then finishes them with a drizzle of the truffle icing, as well as a “sprinkle” of white pearl sugar. When stacked and arranged together, they make for a striking addition to any wedding. Something that can also easily replace a traditional wedding cake.

Or they can serve as a delightful late night bonus for guests who have worked up an appetite on the dance floor. Believe me, I know from my own wedding: drunk people love surprise donuts. Also sober people.

A white frosted, white drizzled, pearl sugared donutKrispy Kreme Australia

Unfortunately “The Wedding Dozen” does not come with its very own stand. And you’ll also have to supply any additional decorations if you want to transform yours into something more than just a box of doughnuts. But if you order these online exclusives you’ll have plenty of pieces to work with. A single dozen is $39.95, and you must order a minimum of at least three dozen. You can get individual donut boxes though. In case you want to make them into wedding favors.

There’s no wrong way to serve or eat these. Because the best thing about any doughnuts, wedding-themes or otherwise: no one is ever going to object to them.

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