SUPERNATURAL Spinoff WAYWARD SISTERS Is About Women Being Their Own Heroes

The world of Supernatural is an expansive one, full of esoteric lore and a huge roster of beloved characters. This year we learned that world would be getting larger with the addition of a Wayward Sisters spinoff series focusing on the women of the spooky show. When we visited the Vancouver set, we spoke to the cast about what Wayward Sisters means for Supernatural and how leading lady Briana Buckmaster feels about fronting this brave new world of demon hunting.

Expanding the world of a show as popular and long running as Supernatural is a huge feat, but Jensen Ackles thinks that the creative team has given the new addition the strong start it needs to gain adoration and longevity. “I love the fact that it’s a direct homage to the beginning of Supernatural in how it comes together. Jody calls Claire and says ‘the boys have been on a hunting trip and haven’t been home for a few days’ which is the exact same thing that Dean says to Sam in episode one, that their dad is gone. So I love that the genesis of both of them are very similar in those aspects. Obviously the stories will be a little different. But it’s this gathering of characters to go and save their friends or family. I think right there it’s a great foundation to build stories on,” Ackles explained.

His on screen brother, Jared Padalecki, expanded on the sisters’ entry point to their spin-off. “They’re out of sorts and they need help, and Jody is calling to check in on us and she can’t get hold of us. So she reaches out to her wayward daughter of sorts and says, ‘Hey, I think something is going on with the boys and I know you’re out doing your thing but they were there for us when we needed them. I think we need to be there for them.’ We get to see these girls fleshed out quite a bit and get to see what their world is like,” Padalecki told us.

Though obviously the blessing and support of the Winchester brothers is vital, Wayward Sisters is all about its female protagonists. Briana Buckmaster opened up to us about how she feels regarding her character Donna’s journey from her early days in Supernatural to her inclusion in the spinoff, and she’s really, really excited about it. “It’s going to give women a chance to tell those stories, to feel more involved, and to get them even more excited about the show, if that’s humanly possible,” Buckmaster laughed.

“When I was cast in that role, it wasn’t even a guest star role at the time, and I was super excited to play this character that had this kind of complex storyline. Over the last couple of years she’s developed strengths in new areas that teach her to grow in places where she thought she was weak. So what a great thing for me as a human, and as an actress, to get to learn through Donna,” Buckmaster told us.

Explaining the new show’s set up and its stars, Buckmaster painted a picture of a group of women looking out for each other. “Jody, as we know, has been taking in these wayward girls and helping them in situations where some of them are finding they’re parentless or without a leader in their life. In a similar sense, my character [Donna] is there to assist Jody in a way. And I think the character Patience is the perfect addition because she comes from a different background than a lot of the women, who come from rougher beginnings. It’ll be exciting to see what that character brings, or learns even. The new character coming in, I don’t think I can say too much without giving it away, but she’s going to be unlike any of the characters in a really exciting way. A brand new way that has so many opportunities for the actress, for the character, and for the characters around her,” Buckmaster enthused.

When it comes to the Wayward Sisters themselves, Buckmaster has a very clear view on what the show stands for and what the stars of it could come to mean to fans. “The women in the pilot are not there to solely serve the Winchesters or to serve any men. They’re there to help each other and help themselves, and that’s an exciting opportunity for the viewers to see. Six ordinary women learning how to save themselves, to be their own heroes. Now’s the time that lots of TV is discovering that women want to have stories told by women, they want to have their voices heard, and this is just an opportunity that WB and The CW are giving to all of us,” explained the actress.

We can’t wait to see the world of Wayward Sisters! The backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters will air on Supernatural on January 18. Are you excited to delve into this new frontier of freaky fandom? Ready to face the unknown alongside a crew of tough, smart women? Let us know in the comments!

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