WATCHMEN’s Insane New Trailer Features the Return of Dr. Manhattan

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Each day we get a little bit closer to HBO’s new Watchmen series, Damon Lindelof’s followup to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s seminal graphic novel. Set over 30 years after the comic—which, rather than Zack Snyder’s movie, serves as the basis for this show—it promises a very different world from the one of 1985, when Adrian Veidt tried to mold civilization into a utopia based on a lie.

With the exception of a few intriguing, very ominous teases, and one brief trailer that looks doesn’t look much like the original story, very little has been revealed about what the show. Now we have a better idea of what we can expect, thanks to a new trailer released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. And it’s absolutely, completely insane.

“From Damon Lindelof and set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws, this drama series embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name while attempting to break new ground of its own.”

That official description is like saying the Sun is “hot.” This is genuinely a bonkers trailer, revealing the actual plotline of the show far more than anything before. And yet we still don’t fully know what’s going on here. There is almost too much process, like how Adrian Veidt has been declared dead despite seeming to be very much alive. Also, there’s now a fictional television show about the original Watchmen, and Regina King is kicking everyone’s ass. Plus, Jean Smart is playing a character named Laurie Blake, which suggests she might just be Silk Spectre II. And, oh yeah, Dr. ****ing Manhattan will show up back on Earth.

Tick tock, tick tock? The show needs to hurry up and get here.

Starring Jeremy Irons as an older Ozymandias, along with Regina King, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Adelaide Clemens, Andrew Howard, Louis Gossett Jr., Tom Mison, Frances Fisher, and Jacob Ming-Trent, Watchmen debuts on HBO this fall,

Featured Image: HBO

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