Watch GAME OF THRONES’ Hodor Literally Hold the Door for Unsuspecting Fans

We will never, not in a million winters, get over Game of Thrones‘ devastating “Hold the Door” scene. It will always be “too soon.” It will never be funny. It will always make us cry. All that being said, it is kind of hard not to admit how awesome it must have been when Hodor actor Kristian Nairn literally held the door for some unsuspecting fans of the show.

This surprise visit was put together by TripAdvisor to promote their Game of Thrones tours. Nairn made his surprise appearance at their Giant’s Causeway Tour in Belfast, at Ballintoy Harbour where scenes from the Iron Islands were filmed. And yes, he did really “hold the door” for them.

Besides taking pictures with everyone and recreating the saddest moment in the show’s history, he also chatted with the group, sharing some inside information about the show. (So no, he didn’t just repeat the word “Hodor” over and over.)

So even though we can’t even think about this scene without having our days ruined, we have to admit that this must have been a pretty incredible experience. And of all the sad scenes on the show, it was probably a better choice than recreating the Red Wedding or Ned’s execution. Less blood in these pictures.

What other scene from the show would you love to recreate in a picture with one of the actors? Hodor your dream photo op by telling us in the comments Hodor below what Hodor you Hodor.

Images: TripAdvisor

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