Hold the frakking ship right now. You can watch Battlestar Galactica for free this very second. Syfy has made the beloved science fiction television series available to watch on their site. This means if you’ve been meaning to watch (or rewatch) Battlestar Galactica, now is the time. You don’t need to have a streaming service subscription or acquire physical media. You need only to get comfortable with your internet connection and press play.

Syfy knows you need to approach the world of BSG as a completist, so they’ve made everything available. Start with the two-part 2003 miniseries (note Syfy was known as Sci-Fi then). Then watch seasons one through four of the TV series. And don’t forget about the BSG movies, The Plan and Razor. It’s so many hours of wonderful content. What an abundance of the Adamas, Roslin, Starbuck, and Cylons to be blessed with in these trying times. The series is incredibly smart and well-written, and as someone who’s recently rewatched BSG, it one hundred percent holds up.

Adama talks to Starbuck in BSG


And when you need even more Battlestar Galactica content, you can fill your ears with a podcast. As you watch each episode, tune into the Syfy Wire: Battlestar Galacticast. BSG cast member Tricia Helfer (Number 6) joins Marc Bernardin to plumb the depths of every installment of the series. It’s also available on the site.

Battlestar Galacticast has something special coming up on April 20, too. They’ll release a bonus episode featuring a cast reunion with a live read of the acclaimed and beloved episode “33.” Edward James Olmos, James Callis, Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Trucco, Rekha Sharma and more will join the podcast.

“Sometimes you have to roll a hard six.”

Look, I’m not saying the quote fits the current context, but if you have a chance to use any of William Adama’s words, you should. I know he has more than a few pieces of wisdom applicable to current times, but moreover, he has an unstoppable attitude. If he were here fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic instead of Cylons, he wouldn’t quit. And he would remind us to stay the frak home. Luckily bingeing Battlestar Galactica helps us do just that.

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Posted updated on April 8, 202

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