What’s the Most Popular Podcast in Your State?

If you’re anything like me, podcasts are a major staple in your life, as ingrained in your daily routine as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. I know I’m not alone; according to a recent report from Edison Research, one-third of Americans ages 25 to 54 listen to podcasts monthly, and those numbers are growing every year. With the advent of creative programming, that makes total sense. There’s almost literally a podcast for everyone.But what types of podcasts are people most interested in? In a new 2018 report from Spotify, one of the major hosts for podcast-listening, the most-streamed podcast genres this year were crime & mystery, comedy, news & politics, health, and arts. They also noted the top 10 cities that streamed the most podcasts:

  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. New York, New York
  4. Dallas, Texas
  5. Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Houston, Texas
  7. San Francisco, California
  8. Seattle, Washington
  9. Brooklyn, New York
  10. Denver, Colorado

But what are the most popular podcasts per state? We asked Spotify to crank the numbers even further, and found that Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s My Favorite Murder was the top-streamed podcast in almost every state, with the exception of Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey. That’s big news for the beloved true crime series, but we wanted to get even more specific, so with Spotify’s help, we were able to find which podcasts were the most distinctively popular per state (meaning, more popular in that state than any other). Here’s what we came up with:

Alabama: The Folktale Project
Alaska: In Our Time
Arizona: Super Best Friendcast!
Arkansas: King Falls AM
California: TigerBelly
Colorado: Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Connecticut: Section 10 Podcast
Delaware: King Falls AM
District of Columbia: The Wilderness
Florida: Masacote con Chente Ydrach
Georgia: Atlanta Monster
Hawaii: Just a Tip with Megan Batoon
Idaho: The Art of Manliness
Illinois: The Rizzuto Show
Indiana: Heartland Radio 2.0
Iowa: Drinkin’ Bros.
Kansas: Stories Podcast – A Free Children’s Story Podcast for Bedtime, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages!
Kentucky: Conspiracy Theories
Louisiana: The History Chicks
Maine: No Such Thing As A Fish
Maryland: The Tony Kornheiser Show
Massachusetts: Section 10 Podcast
Michigan: Drew and Mike Show
Minnesota: 48 Hours
Mississippi: Court Junkie
Missouri: The Rizzuto Show
Montana: Golic and Wingo
Nebraska: Drinkin’ Bros.
Nevada: Martha Debayle
New Hampshire: ESPN FC
New Jersey: El Mañanero
New Mexico: Stories Podcast – A Free Children’s Story Podcast for Bedtime, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages!
New York: 2 Dope Queens
North Carolina: Drinkin’ Bros.
North Dakota: The West Wing Weekly
Ohio: The ThomaHawk Show
Oklahoma: Two Girls One Ghost
Oregon: Ridiculous History
Pennsylvania: The Pat McAfee Show 2.0
Rhode Island: Around the NFL
South Carolina: Super Best Friendcast!
South Dakota: Brains On! Science podcast for kids
Tennessee: Astonishing Legends
Texas: Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast
Utah: Locked on Jazz
Vermont: BrainStuff
Virginia: The Tony Kornheiser Show
Washington: TANIS
West Virginia: Mile Marker 181
Wisconsin: Locked on Packers
Wyoming: The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal

Pretty fascinating stuff when it’s all laid out like that. Who would have guessed Kentucky was into Conspiracy Theories? Not us. Nope, no way.To see more of Spotify’s stats about podcast listening in 2018, check out their genre and cities infographics.

Image: Spotify

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