Watch Ash’s Final POKÉMON Scene and Feel All the Feels

It will be some time yet before Ash’s final episode of Pokémon airs in the United States. But it almost doesn’t matter what happens in Ash’s last episode because it’s more the knowledge that this era of Pokémon has ended that makes us emotional. And, so, while we’re feeling nostalgic and tearful for the last 25 years of our lives and of Pokémon, why not watch Ash’s final scene as Pokémon‘s hero? As always, the internet has come through for us.

Ash’s last moments on Pokémon end as they begin—with the next horizon. The truth is for a Pokémon master, the journey is never truly done. Ash and Pikachu will have more adventures after his final scene on Pokémon. And Team Rocket will still chase them to the ends of the earth. We just won’t be there to see it. And that’s okay. Because we’ll always have the last quarter century of Pokémon to live and relive.

Still, we can’t help but feel those feelings as the triumphant sounds of Pokémon‘s familiar theme play in the air. In his final scene, Ash looks out at the road, and we don’t know where he’ll end up. But we do know that he, Pikachu, and all the fans around the world share a bond like no other. It’s the very best, like no bond ever was. Someone pass the tissues, please.

Ash final scene. Ash and Pikachu are off to their next adventure after Pokémon's final scene and their last episode (1)
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Even if Pokémon went on for another 25 years, though, it would always inevitably end like this. Pokémon‘s final scene could contain nothing else but Ash, ready for whatever comes next, and Pikachu, loyally by his side. And now, we’ll have a new beginning. Pokémon: Horizons is on the way. And its title is absolutely fitting. We can’t wait to see what Liko and Roy get up to in their Pokémon story. And there’s something absolutely beautiful, after all, about a brand new beginning.

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