Watch a Bumper Car Go 100 mph for a World Record

Mad engineer  Colin Furze, who’s responsible for genuinely insane mechanical build projects such as this limb-threatening hoverbike and this 360-degree three-story head rush of a swing, recently teamed up with BBC Worldwide for a #duhsponsoredvideo project that ended up delivering a 100-mph bumper car driven to a new world record by Top Gear’s The Stig.

Furze goes into the nuts and bolts of the project  in two previous videos, where the blood, sweat, and tiny plastic hands that went into the build can be seen. Seriously, there were tiny plastic hands.

The bumper car, Furze notes, is a “600cc monster” and “is the work of hours of shed time working out how to squeeze a sports bike and [some] wheels into a dodgem shell without making a death trap.” The 600cc engine has 100 horsepower, and comes from a motorcycle. The “dodgem shell” comes from a 1960s dodgem, which is the name for a bumper car in the UK and also the name we should be using here, because that is awesome. The result of the new bits in the old shell is a speed demon that was able to rocket 107 mph in one direction and then 93 mph in the other for an average of just over 100 mph. Especially impressive, considering the dodgem used to look like the Bubonic plague in vehicle form.

During the speed runs, The Stig, who is known as the completely silent, completely deadpan ace driver used to set speed records on Top Gear, is classic Stig. Meaning a total jerk who has no fear of high speeds, or having his knees way too close to his collar bones in a moving vehicle. Although it is only Furze who seems to be willing to ride these death traps without a helmet on and some say… that’s utter insanity.

What do you think about this 100 mph dodgem-and-Stig speed run? Let us know below!

Images: colinfurze

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