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Well, Game of Thrones is over. It’s done. We’ve wrenched all the pleasure from it we’re going to. Even if the prequel series (or whatever other Westeros shows we get) is really good, we’ll still always remember the eight season journey that took us from a guy getting chased by White Walkers to Jon Snow and the Wildlings reclaiming the land beyond the wall. Or we won’t. I don’t know your life.

But now at least you don’t need to spend another 75 hours to go back through all of those episodes. Andy Kelly has shared a nifty little video offering up one second of every single episode, all set to Ramin Djawadi’s echoic score. (Fun fact: the auditory version of “iconic” is “echoic.”)

The particular seconds Kelly chose are superb representations of the series. He picks moments that aren’t maybe the most famous of the episode, but have long-lasting ramifications. For example, the moment for season one, episode eight, “The Pointy End,” is not one of Robb’s military prowess or Jon fighting a dead ranger; instead, it’s Syrio Florel brandishing his sword, holding off the Kingsguard to allow Arya to escape. An unsung hero on the show, but a truly important figure in Arya’s life.

Thanks for not showing more of the Red Wedding. Not the coolest to show the Mountain rolling off of a dead Oberyn Martell, though. Head squished and everything. Gross. But I think what I’m most grateful for is none of these clips include the sight of Euron Greyjoy. The character who gave me nothing but rage tension is erased from history like so many Tyrions in so many history books.

The lead-up to the finale gave us a lot of time to think about the previous 72 episodes. While the past few seasons left us with a funny taste in our mouths, looking back on when the show was really great has been nice. Perhaps we’ll revisit it one day. Seasons one through five anyway.

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