This VR Attraction Lets You Bungee Jump off Tokyo Tower

I can’t speak for everyone, but I find virtual reality really uncomfortable. Every time I’ve tried on a headset at a friend’s behest, I’ve regretted the experience. Not because it isn’t impressive, but because the weird uncanny valley effect makes me feel nauseous. It looks so frighteningly real, but it only ensnares your visual sense; the fact that you can’t smell or taste these virtual locations really messes with me. Throw in a scary setting or some kind of additional thrill element, and I’m immediately out.

Which is why I know for a fact that I would never in my life try this new tourist attraction in Tokyo, that I learned about via  SoraNews24. The event is called “Tokyo Tower Bungee VR” and it’s as terrifying as it sounds. At least if you’re like me, and not only afraid of VR, but terrified of heights. The virtual experience lets you safely leap off one of the tallest structures in the Japanese city. Basically, it’s a risk-free way of experiencing a true daredevil act. Which is alluring in its own way.

“Tokyo Tower Bungee VR” is located on the second floor of Tokyo Tower’s main deck. It’s a collaboration between VR developers Logilicity and Cad Center. Logilicity arranged the logistics and Cad Center provided a digital layout of a virtual Tokyo.

Participants wear a VR headset and are strapped into a structure that mimics movement. They then walk along a walkway that protrudes from the tower, and get to take in the beautiful city views along the way. When it’s time to jump, the structure tips and gives the illusion of a plummet. Sounds… fun?

A view of Tokyo from the top of Tokyo Tower in a VR experience. どこでもバンジーVR

Honestly, even the video above makes me feel queasy, so this is definitely not the experience for me. That said, it sounds like a lot of fun for the non-height-adverse folks out there who want a thrill-seeking adventure that won’t put their lives in danger. If that’s you, and you happen to live in Japan, tickets for Tokyo Tower’s VR bungee experience are available until May 9. You can learn more about prices and reserve a spot here.

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