Incredible Voice Artist Perfectly Nails 40 Animal Sounds

Back in 2014 Finnish voice artist and creative director Rudi Rok made a video showcasing his ability to rattle off 30 unique animal sounds. The brief video went massively viral—it has about 16.2 million views as of this writing—and rightfully so considering Rok’s vocal skills. Now, Rok has returned for a round two of animal sounds. And this time he’s perfectly nailed 40 of them.

Laughing Squid picked up on Rok’s new video, which he says is a remake of his 2014 video. Indeed, this new set of 40 sounds contains 30 from the original plus ten new ones. It also sounds like Rok’s improved on the sounds already in his arsenal as well; especially his woodpecker, horse, and cat.

In the video above Rok blows through the 40 distinctive animal sounds, kicking things off with his elephant sounds. From there, the voice actor bounces around the animal kingdom from bear to gorilla to monkey to just about anything else you read about in the Jungle Book. It’s obviously impossible to pick out a favorite impression, but Rok’s trumpeting elephant is epic. His eagle, likewise, sounds like it should earn him a place guarding Middle-earth against the Nazgûl.

Voice artist Rudi Rok perfectly nailing one of 40 different animal sounds he can knock out.
Rudi Rok

On top of the vocalizations, Rok really throws himself into the impressions with the way he moves his body. It seems that for Rok to become, say, a snake, he must not only rattle like one, but also slither like one. Likewise when Rok executes on his velociraptor, he does so by turning his hands into claws.

Speaking of velociraptor sounds, we’d like to hear Rok deliver on more dinosaur noises. As well as sounds of sci-fi and fantasy creatures, like maybe fire-breathing dragons. Or, because he already has the big eagle down, maybe Rok can now attempt to do the Nazgûl. Or at least a screaming elk, which, coincidentally, sounds just like a member of The Nine coming for your soul.

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