Watch Hungry Elephant Burst Into a Kitchen Like the Kool-Aid Man

Elephants never forget.” A woman in Thailand won’t soon forget a memorable encounter with a tusked-visitor either. An elephant busted right through her home’s kitchen. In a destructive attempt to find something to snack on. Again.

Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon definitely would have preferred if a rooster’s crow had woken her early on a recent Saturday morning. Instead was an elephant’s head banging against her home. (A story we first heard about at The Guardian.) The loud noises were a prelude to the unwelcomed guest’s arrival.

The animal, without any consideration for polite society, broke right through the wall of the Hua Hin district abode. It then used its trunk to start searching for food on shelves below the counter. It knocked over pots, plates, and other kitchen items during its hunt. Plastic bags didn’t exactly satiate its appetite. But it did eventually leave, leaving behind a huge hole and lots of damage.

Normally people who break into houses try to stay anonymous. However, this isn’t a person; it’s an elephant. And there’s no mystery over the culprit’s identity. This was Boonchuay. He lives in Thailand’s nearby Kaeng Krachan national park. As wild as this whole scene appears, it’s not the first time he or his cohorts have made their presence felt in the Chalermkiatpattana village. Elephants from the park sometimes travel over there when they smell food.

And as this video explains, they have some of the best noses in the world for finding their next meal.

What’s really absurd though is that this isn’t even the first time Boonchuay busted up Ratchadawan’s kitchen. The animal previously caused nearly $1,600 worth of damage. I don’t know how many people in the world hate a specific elephant. But I’m going to guess the number is at least one.

I’m also not an insurance expert, but she should definitely spring for the bonus “Hungry Elephant Attack” option when she renews her policy. It’s either that or stop making delicious food. No matter her choice though, we doubt she’ll ever forget that elephants love to snack.

An elephant's head and trunk seen from belowThe New York Times

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