Video Dives Into the Fascinating Depths of a Honeycomb Cell

All things related to bees are endlessly fascinating to me. The work they do to maintain biodiversity in our environment, their hive mind mentality, and the structures they live in are all incredible. Extra emphasis on the latter point because honeycombs are a work of art. They provide us with delicious honey that varies according to location and environmental factors. But, the hexagonal shapes and organization are what truly make them top-tier and beautiful. Have you ever wondered what lies beneath those tiny cells? If so, this dive into a honeycomb cell is perfect for you.

Macrofying, a pro photographer, zoomed into a honeycomb cell to capture some phenomenal footage. (We learned about this thanks to LaughingSquid.) The video starts out with a piece of honeycomb on a table before diving into a single cell.

At first, it looks like you are surrounded by a whitish liquid with bubbles. This particular cell had some residual honey in it so that’s likely what we are seeing. Then, things began to gloriously change as it transitions into what looks like a collection of bright, clear crystals. The background gets a bit dark as well. Macrofying quickly zooms back out to show the full honeycomb again.

a deep zoom into a honeycomb cell that looks whitish yellow with small bubbles


Of course, this isn’t this artist’s first time displaying the intricate details of common objects. A YouTube video shows several other really cool things. The difference is, you have to guess what you are looking at because it starts from an inner perspective. Honestly, who would have thought that a frothy cup of coffee would look like a barren wasteland with a macro lens? And, true to our times, one of the objects is a surgical face mask.

So there you have it. More proof that nature, while often scary, is always very cool and bees are perhaps some of the coolest animals of all.

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