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Revisit Your Favorite Video Game Worlds with These Vibrant Travel Posters

After you spend hours on end in some of your most beloved video games, it’s no wonder that many of them begin to feel like home. You know that grassy meadow in Breath of the Wild or your favorite map in Call of Duty like the back of your hand. These video game travel posters illustrated by Marta Colmenero will make you feel like you’re there again, or make you wish you were there, exploring someplace new and exciting.

“The kingdom of Hyrule is nature at its finest,” said Colmenero. “I illustrated this by making a feature of the wild horses galloping across the vast grassland, below onlooking hikers.”

Currys PC World teamed up with the talented illustrator for a colorful series of travel posters of some of gaming’s most famous locales. Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda), Columbia (BioShock Infinite), Paradise Palms ( Fortnite), Installation 04 (Halo), Lagras ( Red Dead Redemption 2), Land of the Dead (Grim Fandango), and Nuketown (Call of Duty) are all front and center in the striking series.

Along with the posters, Currys offers an expert travel guide to each destination that reads like something out of dog-eared book in your backpack. For each locale you’ll find things to see, like the dinosaurs in Fortnite’s Paradise Palms or the town of Saint Denis in Red Dead Redemption 2.

And we can’t help but be intrigued by the Day of the Dead festivals in Grim Fandango‘s Land of the Dead. (Did you know the classic game was recently remastered and released on the Nintendo Switch?) “Jam-packed with all things Mexican, including music, dancing and piñatas, it’s the perfect destination for party animals. It’s so much fun, you won’t even mind that all the locals are dead!” Colmenero said. “I included the iconic towers in the background, to capture the location in a way that players will resonate with.”

The Land of the Dead sounds like a destination to avoid but instead, thanks to Colmenero, it’s strangely tempting. Ah, well. We’ll go there someday.

Visit Currys for a closer look at more of the video game travel posters and let us know where you’d love to go on your next vacation.

All Images: Currys PC World /Marta Colmenero

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