SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Takes on FORTNITE via Adam Driver’s Bad-Dad Gamer

Saturday Night Live‘s summer hiatus always means that the first episode of the season is a game of catch-up: what news, trends, people or stories popped over the summer that the show still feels it needs to cover in the season premiere? Aside from the sheer amount of political news which happened in the past few months, one particularly referential sketch of the night featured everyone’s favorite online multiplayer battle royale sensation, Fortnite.  In the sketch, Davidson and fellow millennial Kyle Mooney team up with Adam Driver, who plays an inexperienced dad who just wants to connect with his 11 year-old son. Check out the full sketch below:

The bit was rife with Fortnite lingo, and included a hilarious physical performance from Mikey Day, playing Driver’s avatar with wicked dance moves. Perhaps the funniest line of the bit came from Driver, closing the sketch by saying he has to return to rehab. SNL has tackled video game sketches in the past, but the success of the Fortnite take came from the exchanges between Driver’s out-of-touch dad character and the cool teens he was squadding up with. However, because of how quickly Fortnite‘s popularity ignited over the summer break, the sketch at times felt slightly dated; they are playing catch-up, after all. Overall, we were glad to see SNL widening its reach and trying something different.

Were you surprised to see SNL take on Fortnite? Would you want Adam Driver to be a part of your squad? And how often do you dance in-game? Let’s discuss in comments!

Image: NBC

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