Video of Cyclist Ripping Down a Mountain Is Stomach-Dropping

Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill has what we can only assume are superhuman levels of dexterity and courage. The cyclist, who’s been riding for 12 years, is able to do everything from backflips off rubber balls to front stalls on gym equipment. Now, in his latest video, he shows how he can also rip down the side of a mountain. And he does it so brazenly the stunt will probably make your stomach drop.

MacAskill’s perpendicular-to-Earth ride begins about 50 seconds into the video. It doesn’t start until that point because he needs to carry his bike to the top of the 3,000-foot-tall mountain. A note we only mention because that part, while less terrifying, is still dang impressive. (We’re out of breath just letting the video buffer.)

The mountainside MacAskill bikes down is a part of the “Dubh Slabs”: a mountainous range of slab-like rocks on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The Slabs are considered moderate difficulty for hikers, but for bikers…well, it seems bikers don’t really do the Slabs.

Watching this brave cyclist race down a steep, 3,000-foot-tall mountain will make your stomach drop.

Danny MacAskill

“The remote Dubh Slabs…provided some of the steepest terrain I have ever ridden as well as an amazing back drop for the film,” MacAskill says in the video’s description. The cyclist, who often makes beautifully shot one-off films like this one, adds that his goal was “to ride [the Slabs] in a continuous line” and test “what was possible” on his bike.

As for what was possible? Apparently a bouncy, jerky, series of stop-and-go maneuvers down the Slabs, which could’ve ended in serious injury at any turn. Overall, however, the ride is thrilling to watch, and was genuinely frightening for MacAskill. Especially the last 650-foot-long slab, which MacAskill says was extremely vertical. (We agree.)

“Oh my goodness that was scary,” MacAskill says in the video as he finishes off his wicked ride. He added on the adventure-sports site, Mpora, that “As much as I enjoyed riding the Dubh Slabs, the most memorable emotion was the relief and satisfaction heading back over the loch on the boat after finishing the filming!”

Featured Image: Danny MacAskill

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