Iban Coello Draws the Return of EDDIE BROCK as VENOM (Exclusive)

After our exclusive rip-roarin’ reveal of Venomverse, we can now announce that the artist for Marvel‘s summer symbiote event is none other than Iban Coello. Reunited with his Deadpool & the Mercs for Money collaborator Cullen Bunn, Coello brings his incredibly intricate line work to Eddie Brock’s long awaited return to the symbiote suit and damn, does it look good in these exclusive pages!

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Venomverse #1 showcases a radical fight scene between the classic pumpkin headed Spider-Man foe, Jack O’Lantern, and our parasitic protagonist (as evidenced in the pages above and below). Coello brings a dynamic movement to the fight with expressive panelling and brilliant use of space, creating energy by singling out certain panels to escape their borders and touch the edges of the pages, immersing readers in the outrageous action.

In this sprawling cityscape brawl, Eddie and Jack O’Lantern fight each other over six full pages, tearing through the streets and throwing each other off fire escapes, generally causing hell on the sidewalks of… New York? Though the location is yet to be confirmed by the House of Ideas, one thing these pages do show us is that Eddie Brock’s Venom is back in a big way. His rippling muscles under the symbiote suit fill the pages, his size and strength monstrous as he destroys his foe before revealing himself to the shocked spectators.

Coello’s final page showcases the symbiote’s transformative power as it shapeshifts in front of three young onlookers, who look to us like they might very well be some stunned Spider-folks that fans already know and love. But we’ll have to wait until Venomverse #1 to have our suspicions confirmed.

Along with Mercs for Money, Coello’s art has graced the pages of both Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond, along with Captain America & the Mighty Avengers. In these pages his art is in stellar form, showcasing the energy and violence of Venom with an exhilarating and expressive style that will definitely have fans adding this book to their pull lists.  

Are you stoked for this symbiote? Have these pages gotten you excited for a book that you didn’t expect to pick up? Is Jack O’Lantern your favorite character and you can’t believe he’s been unceremoniously beaten this way?

Hit our comments to let us know!

Images: Marvel Comics/Disney

But don’t forget about where Venom came from—here’s more details on the Spideyverse:

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