Velveeta Chocolate Truffles Are a Real Thing, Unfortunately

The Matrix is either completely broken or a rogue program is having some fun at our expense. That’s the only logical explanation we can come up with for what is currently happening the world of candy. On the heels of Miller High Life’s curious collection of gourmet beer and food-flavored chocolate truffles comes another bizarre sweet and savory combo treat. Compartés has partnered with Velveeta to give the world TruffVels, a candy that is exactly what it sound likes.

A box of shell-shaped chocolate Velveeta truffles with hands holding them from Compartés Chocolatier
Compartés Chocolatier

Los Angeles’s gourmet chocolate company has created what it calls “the first-ever chocolate cheese truffle.” (The first!? Wow, can you believe no one thought of that before! …Yeah. Yeah we can, too.) Compartés and Velveeta have formed an unlikely, possibly unholy, union that has resulted in TruffVels. Here’s how the confectionary shop describes their latest handmade product, the work of chocolatier Jonathan Grahm:

The Velveeta infused white chocolate shell-shaped truffle is made for those who go all in for the things they love. Compartes Chocolate Cheese TruffVels consist of Compartés sweet white chocolate paired with the creamy delicious bite of Velveeta for a unique sensation unlike any other.

You know, that description makes the TruffVel sound….super weird. Still really weird. They look great uneaten, though. The individual chocolates come in a “custom shell-shape” designed “to mirror Velveeta Shells and Cheese.” The problem starts when you break one apart. Then it looks like melting cheese. Only it’s a truffle. Yum.

A gooey chocolate Velveet truffle from Compartés Chocolatier
Compartés Chocolatier

The whole collection also comes in an elegant Special Edition Gift Box that hols five pieces. You can order yours—most likely at three a.m. after you’ve been out all night and this seems like a fun thing to try—for $24.95.

Free shipping kicks in at $99, so get four boxes! In fact, get 400 and use them to make the world’s most ridiculous bowl of Velveeta mac and cheese with chocolate. Just get really wild with it, you know? What’s the difference anyway? Either the Matrix gets a reboot and you forget what you did or we’ll only be eating savory truffles soon enough.

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