Miller High Life’s Beer-Infused Chocolate Truffles Include Wacky Flavors Like Grilled Cheese

Benjamin Franklin never actually said “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” But the sentiment is certainly true. Whatever forces control the universe can’t hate us entirely when they gave us grain, hops, yeast, and water. That’s also true of chocolate, one of life’s great pleasures. But are there limits to what those delights can do? Specifically is there a limit to what they can do together? We’re about to find out, because Miller High Life has created a collection of gourmet beer-infused chocolates that feature some strange flavors. Because while we can’t wait to try a beer-flavored buttery popcorn chocolate, we’re not sure how a grilled cheese or lemon pepper chicken wing truffle will taste.

Six different round colorful chocolate truffles in a box
Miller High Life

The new Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles collection is the result of the beer company’s partnership with chocolatier Phillip Ashley. Miller says the box of six sweet treats is “inspired” by Ashley’s favorite bar snacks and are designed to pair with a High Life six-pack.

On top of all of them looking incredible (these are truly some gorgeous candies), some sound genuinely delectable. Others sounds…less so. But it’ll depend on your own culinary preferences which ones you think sound tastiest and which ones sound like the result of a night out gone awry.

A bald man leaning over a table with iller High Life on it next to a photo of truffles and other food stuff used to made them place on a slab and in bowls
Miller High Life

Here’s each chocolate with its official description:

  •  Grilled Cheese – Chef’s favorite to pair with a smooth High Life! Decadent triple cream cheese white chocolate ganache in a blond chocolate shell. A toasted toast to the everyday celebrations like a perfect cheese pull enjoyed on a bar stool
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing –  An innovative fried chicken ganache infused with lemon pepper seasoning. A lemon, pepper twist on your average chicken wing (and with less grease on your High Life bottle)
  • Pretzel Praline– Salted pretzel and roasted pecans combined with handcrafted caramel and blond chocolate to make the ultimate sweet and salty bite. Sweet, salty and timeless, just like the pretzel bag you enjoyed at the jukebox
  • Beernut – Freshly roasted peanuts soaked in the Champagne of Beers then ground into our fragrant beernut butter and enrobed in a milk chocolate shell. Why don’t you build me up, beernut cup, while we finish this awesome karaoke set
  • Buttery Popcorn – White chocolate ganache infused with movie theatre style popcorn. An ode to the buttery, salty goodness of the popcorn machine at your favorite local dive
  • Sweet Potato Fry – Garnett sweet potato mash blended with blond chocolate for a sweet and savory bon bon. Everything’s better with fries, including your 2am food run. 

To me four of those sound amazing. The other two are grilled cheese and lemon pepper chicken wings. However, those are the two I most want to try. What if they’re amazing?! What if they’re terrible?! I MUST KNOW.

We’ll all be able to find out for ourselves when they go on sale on National Truffle Day, May 2. That will be when you can order your box of beer-infused chocolate ($35) at Phillip Ashley’s site. Benjamin Franklin would want you to, even if he never actually said so.

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