A Priest Turns into a Dinosaur in This Incredible VELOCIPASTOR Trailer

We’ve seen teens turn into wolves, robots turn into cars, and orphan children turn into adult superheroes. But the notion of a priest turning into a dinosaur has thus far evaded us. Thankfully, visionary director Brendan Steere has recognized that we as a species have been so long wanting for this very thing, and has brought it to life in the form of the new horror comedy film Velocipastor.

Yes, that’s quite right—a feature film devoted to the story of a hapless man of the cloth who finds himself cursed with the ability to transform into a fresh-hungry dinosaur, and all existential qualms that come with this new parlor trick (and accompanying uptick in violent, carnivorous rage). If you’re skeptical that such a concept can work as a film—we know, you think it’s better suited to the stage—then take a look at the first trailer below, which is indeed a treat.

As if the central conceit of a priest who turns into a dino weren’t enough, apparently there are ninjas involved, too!

The film is actually an adaptation by director Steere of a short by the same name that he helmed in 2011. In the grand tradition of all those cursed transformers before him, the priestly protagonist seems to want nothing to do with his new powers. Of course, that could be just where his journey begins. A little goading from a lady friend, plus his undeniable rage problems and the new outlet that they have found in his scaly alter ego might end up convincing the father (played by Gregory James Cohan) that what he once believed to be a curse might actually be a gift.

A mercilessly bloody, cannibalistic, and altogether insane gift, but a gift nonetheless. Below is a poster for The Velociraptor, which has yet to find an official release date.

A Priest Turns into a Dinosaur in This Incredible VELOCIPASTOR Trailer_1

Image: Cyfuno Ventures/Hollow Tree Films/Laika Come Home

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