The Best Horror Films Streaming in April 2019

Mar 28 2019 -- 7:09 AM

We're always looking for that which scares us here at the ol' Nerdist, but it's tough to know what to watch. With all the lovely streaming services out there, there's plenty to send shivers down your spine or quench your thirst for blood and guts, but how do you know what's worth a look first? We've scoured Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Shudder for the best horror films to stream throughout April.



Deliverance - a slow-burn adventure film that takes a haaaaaard left turn for the scary. Even if you haven't seen the 1974 classic—starring Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ronny Cox, and (gulp) Ned Beatty—you no doubt know the tune "Dueling Banjos," which seems like a nice Appalachian jam, but is actually the harbinger for awful depravities for our poor thrill seekers.

Freddy vs. Jason - Back in the early 2000s, horror was glossy, full of WB teen stars, and scored with the loudest Nu metal music in existence. It was at this time that finally saw the showdown between Jason Voorhees, the hulking death machine from the Friday the 13th movies, and Freddy Krueger, he who invades dreams and spouts one-liners. It's a product of its time, but it's still a lot of fun.

Friday the 13th (2009) - Say what you will about the Platinum Dunes slasher reboots of the 2000s, but I actually think their reboot of the Jason saga kept the correct tone for most of the runtime, provided some goofy and enjoyable kills, and gave us perhaps the scariest Jason of the lot.

I Am Legend - There is an argument to be made that this Will Smith blockbuster is more of a sci-fi action movie (and Warner Bros. is probably first to make that argument), but it's a mostly faithful adaptation of Richard Matheson's seminal vampire novel and keeps what makes the "darkseekers" scary.


The Silence - This is a new original that sounds a lot like A Quiet Place meets Tremors meets The Descent. Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka play a family "struggling to survive in a world terrorized by a deadly, primeval species who have bred for decades in the pitch darkness of a vast underground cave system, hunting only with their acute hearing."


The Hateful Eight Extended - On its face, this is Quentin Tarantino's third homage to Spaghetti Westerns, but beneath that is a very bleak horror film about fractured trust and betrayal in the deeply racist post-Civil War United States. Not for the faint of heart, nor the faint of bladder.


The Void - A movie I'll sing the praises of forever and ever. A quiet night at a small town hospital becomes anything but when a sheriff's deputy brings in a victim for treatment. Soon, cultists amass outside, violent insanity erupts inside, and horrifying, transdimensional beasts appear in the basement. Reason alone not to move to Canada.



The Shining - Stanley Kubrick's very loose adaptation of Stephen King's novel is nevertheless one of the scariest movies ever made, with a cast almost totally losing their minds due to stress and a lodge that famously makes no sense. Oh and it also might be evidence Kubrick faked the moon landing? Whatever, people.


A Quiet Place - Who needs to watch The Silence when you can watch the better version? If you didn't catch it in cinemas last year, try to make your house as quiet as possible and turn your speakers up as loud as you can without angering the neighbors. You'll be happier that way.


Let's Scare Jessica to Death - A truly strange and unsettling piece of '70s horror, this movie follows the titular Jessica, a woman just released from a mental hospital, who tries to spend a quiet summer with her husband and friends in the mountains, but darn it, there's some ghosts who refuse to let Jessica rest in peace. I mean peacefully!

Don't Torture a Duckling - Lucio Fulci is known better these days for his gory zombie films like Zombie, The Beyond, and City of the Living Dead, but perhaps his best movie is this gritty, terrifying crime drama about an unknown assailant butchering children in a quiet, rural town. It's quite something.

Ganja & Hess - One of the most interesting films I've seen lately, this 1973 indie stars Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead as a wealthy anthropologist who's stabbed with an ancient tribal dagger and turned into a blood-craving vampire. His bloodlust mixes with actual lust when he meets Ganja (Marlene Clark). Not your usual horror movie, but something pretty special.


Annihilation - Sci-fi horror is hard to pull off effectively, but Alex Garland's supremely underrated 2018 film makes it look easy. What is inside the mysterious Area X and why has no one returned? The answers are more troubling than the questions and the lines between plant and animal, human and not-human, life and death are constantly, kaleidoscopically blurred. And the bear. GOD, the bear.

Hereditary - You've no doubt heard a lot about this 2018 darling, but if you've only just heard, it's probably time to give it a watch. It's got family grief and misunderstanding to spare, but there are much worse things lurking in every shadow, around every corner, in everyone.

The Girl with All the Gifts - A different take on a zombie film, here we have a society ravaged by a cannibal-creating fungal outbreak. But when a group of children become flesh-crazed but remain lucid, a journey for the survival of the human race begins.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space - This is just one of the weirdest and most delightful horror films you're likely to see. Alien clowns that are truly grotesque come to town and begin killing people in blackly funny ways. Featuring gloriously grotty puppet and effects work, this is for anyone with a very dark sense of humor and a love of calliope music.

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