5 Things We Learned From the Stars of VALLEY GIRL!

We’re all just doing our best to keep going right now. Revisiting old faves, creating new art, or discovering new loves—anything we can do to distract ourselves. To that end, Valley Girl is one of our go-to comfort watches. And to celebrate the recent musical remake we sat down with the trio at the core of the teen classic, Deborah Foreman, E.G. Daily, and Heidi Holicker!

Martha Coolidge’s super sweet ’83 flick is a comedic twist on Romeo and Juliet. Randy, played by Nicolas Cage, is from Hollywood; Julie, played by Foreman, is from the Valley. Can their unexpected romance survive the scathing stares of their opposing cultural cliques? Silly, thoughtful, and surprisingly subversive, Valley Girl is a great watch. But unlike many teen movies of its time, it’s not just about the romance at the center. The movie also centers on female friendship and the relationships between Julie and her close knit crew.

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With a stellar New Wave soundtrack and brilliant script, it’s no surprise Valley Girl has aged so well. A new musical reimagining has just been released, and it even features cameos from E.G. Daily, Heidi Holicker, and Deborah Foreman! When we chatted with the trio they shared some wonderful anecdotes and memories from shooting the cult flick!

The Girls Are Still Close Friends!
5 Things We Learned From the Stars of VALLEY GIRL!_1


Valley Girl is the kind of movie that you wish you could have been a part. And the trio confirmed that the experience was one that impacted them forever. “It was a monumental time period.” E.G. Daily explained. “It was like this beautiful time capsule. And we all got to have these connections to each other that have lasted for a long time.” Deborah Foreman agreed. “There was this level that we all kind of took each other to, through our friendships, and our connections, but also for the love of the acting.”

Almost Everyone Got Sick Whilst Shooting!
5 Things We Learned From the Stars of VALLEY GIRL!_2


When reminiscing about shooting the film, Daily remembered a kinda gross and hilarious anecdote that sparked some memories. “I did a make out scene with that scene that was so painful to shoot. The scene with I’m in the at the party with Tommy. I had a really bad cold that just lingered and I was taking like garlic pills. So I just remember thinking poor guy.” Turns out that Daily wasn’t the only one to fall ill during the Valley Girl shoot! “We all got sick during the movie. I got strep throat one point from the club scene with all that smoke.” Hollicker laughed. “And then Debbie, you got sick when you were shooting.”

E.G. Daily and Deborah Foreman Were Once Roommates!
5 Things We Learned From the Stars of VALLEY GIRL!_3


That friendship would last the nearly four decades since the film’s release! And Daily revealed that her and Foreman even lived together for a period. “Debbie and I, we ended up being roommates at one point! Can I say that? It was a really special time and we bonded over a really special event as well.”

Deborah Foreman didn’t originally love that iconic montage!
5 Things We Learned From the Stars of VALLEY GIRL!_4


Foreman has a sequence that she really loves. Surprisingly, that wasn’t something she expected. “I think that whole montage thing that I shot with Randy is extremely special. You know, when I was doing it, it’s not that I poo pooed it, but I didn’t see its value at the time. Because I didn’t see Martha’s vision until I saw the film.”

The iconic sleepover scene was just as fun to film as you’ve imagined!

Thinking back to their favorite scenes Holicker thought of the slumber party fondly. “We had no craft service, so we ate everything! We ate chips. We ate everything we could get our hands on. So there was a lot of bonding that particular that particular day, I think.” her co-star Daily agreed. “I think the slumber party was really sweet. It felt really intimate and silly. It felt like there was a lot of beautiful youth, there was so young thing about it. That was just so precious. It was funny too. Some of the lines are a little bit ad-libbed in that scene.”

Check out our chat above! If it’s been a while since you’ve watched Valley Girl then we’ve got good news! You can check out the original movie on digital now.

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