UNO Fandom Decks Celebrate Disney Villains, AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER, STAR TREK, and More

The card game UNO has been the staple of many a late night party since 1971. Over the decades, they’ve spun off into various special editions, video games, and soon, even movies. Now in 2024, they’re about to get a little bit nerdy, with a new series of premium collectible decks designed to celebrate all fandoms. We’re talking fandoms from across the spectrum, including TV and film, sports, and pop culture in general. Among the first batch of UNO Fandom releases are decks featuring Disney Villains, Star Trek, Masters of the Universe, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, the NFL, and more.

UNO Fandom deck cover art for Avatar: The Last Airbender, Disney Villains, and Star Trek.
Mattel Creations/Disney

Each UNO Fandom deck includes a special rule specific to that deck theme and one collectible foil card. The plan is for UNO Fandom to continue to expand with new decks that celebrate everyone’s favorite pop culture icons. So if your favorite fandom isn’t included in this first batch, they just might show up for round two. Here are some highlights from the first wave of releases.

UNO Fandom Disney Villains Deck

Packaging art for the UNO Fandom Disney Villains deck.
Mattel Creations/Disney

This Disney Villains UNO fandom deck is inspired by Disney’s most fabulous Villains and scenes, including Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and more. The deck includes a special “Maleficent’s Gift” rule letting any player give 4 extra cards to a player or players of their choice and a collectible foil version of the Wild “Maleficent’s Gift” card.

UNO Fandom Monster High Deck

Packaging art for the UNO Fandom Monster High deck.
Mattel Creations

This UNO Fandom deck celebrates the characters from the spooky (yet fashionable) franchise. It includes a collectible card and a special “Frankie’s Hand” rule. This enables a player to look at another player’s hand, take the card of their choice, and replace it with one of their own.

UNO Fandom Star Trek Deck

Packaging art for the UNO Fandom Star Trek deck, featuring the Starship Enterprise.
Mattel Creations

You can help the fandom live long and prosper with this Star Trek UNO deck. It includes the special “Mirror, Mirror” rule. This is a nod to Star Trek’s twisted Mirror Universe. This rule forces a chosen player to draw cards until they have as many in their hand as the player with the most cards. The Star Wars UNO Fandom deck is definitely one we can’t wait to get our hands on.

UNO Fandom Avatar: The Last Airbender Deck

Packaging art for UNO Fandom's Avatar: The Last Airbender deck.
Mattel Creations

This Avatar: The Last Airbender UNO deck shows off all four nations’ bending abilities and includes a premium foil card and the “Avatar State” rule. This rule allows a player to take a turn anytime they want, provided they have all four colors in their hand.

UNO Fandom Masters of the Universe Deck

UNO Fandom packaging art for the Masters of the Universe deck.
Mattel Creations

“By the Power of Grayskull!” This UNO Fandom deck showcases artwork from the classic fantasy toy franchise, Masters of the Universe. It has a special “Armory of the Grayskull” rule that lets a player take Action cards from other players to build up their arsenal.

When Can You Buy the UNO Fandom Decks?

UNO Fandom decks have an SRP of $12.00. They will be exclusively revealed on the website starting Thursday, March 21st at March 21st at 9:40 am PT / 12:40 pm ET. At that point, the UNO Fandom decks will officially be released for your buying pleasure.

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