Unidentified Sea Creature Is a Plumbus from RICK AND MORTY

Any good  Rick and Morty fan knows what a Plumbus is. But even to these experts, the question stands: how do they make them? Of course it involves smoothing out the dingle bop with a bunch of schleem, and rubbing the fleeb because of the fleeb juice, and also there’s some spitting and rubbing, and pushing it through the grumbo. But how do they—meaning the forces of evolution—make a Plumbus in real life? We don’t know. But what we do know is that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) apparently found one floating in the deep sea off the coast of Hawaii.

When will everyone have a Plumbus in their home? Probably never.The real-life Plumbus-looking creature, which was posted to Reddit by user NinjaDiscoJesus, is what the NOAA calls a “USO,” or Unidentified Swimming Organism. But even though the NOAA has no idea what this… thing is, anybody who’s seen the Plumbus from Rick and Morty (shown in the above video) can immediately identify it as such—just look at those hizzards.

Left: USO found by the NOAA. Right: Plumbus from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty.

As a side note, it’s pretty astounding that the NOAA has been unable to determine what this plumbusy floater is, as the organization constantly brings the public glimpses of seriously strange, yet already identified species like this stunningly beautiful hydromedusa or this “ghost” octopus.

Perhaps it’s good that this USO is still unidentified though, that way we can vote to name it Plumbus. Voting to name things for oceanic exploration organizations always goes well, right? ( Boaty McBoatface, our love for you was as deep as the seas you would’ve explored.)

What do you think about this real-life Plumbus? Should it actually be called a Plumbus? Should we vote to name it, or maybe have some No Man’s Sky players name it for us ’cause that always goes so well too? Shave away the plubis from your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: NOAA/Okeanos Explorer, Adult Swim

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