10 Things We Want to See in THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3

It’s official: The Umbrella Academy will be back in action for a third season. Netflix has now shared, in a new teaser for the show, that season three will arrive in 2022. Like with the first season, the season two finale left fans with plenty to look forward to. Between the loose threads teased in the cliffhanger ending, and the third volume of the comic book on which the show is based, there’s plenty to be excited about for the show’s return.

Here are the ten things we’d most like to see in season three of The Umbrella Academy. Note: spoilers follow for both the TV series and the comics.

The Hotel Oblivion
Hotel Oblivion in Umbrella Academy comics

Dark Horse Comics

In its latest teaser, Netflix offered fans a glimpse of season three. Part of that tiny glimpse included Netflix confirming Hotel Oblivion would be a part of the upcoming adventure. Though it’s worth noting that the series has only loosely followed its source material, it’s now safe to say Umberella Academy season three will draw at least some of its inspiration from the third volume of the comic, Hotel Oblivion. This story arc centers around a mysterious prison Hargreeves created to house the Academy’s most dangerous villains. What follows when those villains escape is the comic’s best story to date.

The Sparrow Academy
Sparrow Academy in Umbrella Academy

Dark Horse Comics

The season two finale set up one huge thing: the introduction of the Sparrow Academy. While the comics give us a little more insight into the team, much is still unknown about this mysterious group. However, given the inclusion of the floating cube, it seems likely we’ll see at least some aspects of the comic team on screen in Umberella Academy season three.

Ben in Umbrella Academy


Though the rest of the team may have been shrouded in shadow, one member of the Sparrows was front and center: a very much not dead Ben. Unlike the comic book, the TV series explored Ben’s character over the course of the first two seasons. He appeared as a ghostly companion to his brother Klaus. Then he had a heartbreaking reunion with Vanya near the end of season two. This new, alternate Ben is clearly much different from the one we came to know. It will be exciting to see how he interacts with the rest of his siblings, and how that can inform what we know about the main timeline’s Ben.

Reginald Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy


Another notable character returning from the grave for season three will be the World’s Worst Father and secret space alien himself, Reginald Hargreeves. Season two’s time travel shenanigans allowed the team to interact with their adopted father on their quest to save the world. This new timeline provides even more opportunity for the team to work through a whole new barrel of unresolved family drama.

Lila looks unsure


One of the most interesting of the new characters introduced in season two was the surprise addition to the family: Lila. In the final episode of the season, we learned Lila is actually another super powered product of that fateful day in October 1989. Whether she reemerges as a member of the Sparrows or strikes out on her own side story, like Diego, we’re hopeful we haven’t seen the last of Lila.

Harlan looks scared


Speaking of super powered cliffhangers, Harlan could reappear in Umberella Academy season three. After Vanya saved the boy in the finale, it seems young Harlan isn’t quite as clear of Vanya’s powers as we thought. As he and his mother head west, Harlan levitates a toy bird in the back seat with a somewhat sinister look on his face. Could the toy bird be a clue of a connection to the Sparrow Academy? Does that sinister look mean he could be destined for villainy? Let’s hope we find out.

Perseus in Umbrella Academy comic

Dark Horse Comics

One of the key players in the Hotel Oblivion arc is John Perseus. First introduced during the TV series’ Dallas arc, Perseus’ true intentions don’t become clear until the events of Hotel Oblivion. Without giving too much away, Perseus could easily serve as the main antagonist in the show’s third season. The character offers a complexity and threat the show has yet to see.

Creative Villains
Weird villains in Umbrella Academy comic

Dark Horse Comics

However, Perseus is not the only baddie to take the spotlight in the Hotel Oblivion storyline. The beauty of this arc is that they created and showcased a variety of unique and creative villains from Umbrella Academy’s past. Although the show has largely downplayed the more fantastical elements of the comic, this could be the perfect opportunity to mix in more of the source material’s campy fun. Some definite standouts from the comic include the Murder Magician and Mother, Dr. Terminal, and The Scientific Man. The latter is essentially The Umbrella Academy’s version of Dr. Manhattan.

Epic Fight Scenes
Weird creature attack

Dark Horse Comics

Another appealing aspect of seeing Hotel Oblivion would be the chance to see some real super powered action take place. Though the series has never lacked killer action sequences, we never really had the opportunity to see the team face off against other super powered enemies until Lila. With Hotel Oblivion, we’d not only see one on one battles, but potentially a climax featuring an army of powerful villains terrorizing the city. This would provide a visual spectacle while also allowing for our main characters to face a more intimidating challenge.

Killer Soundtrack
Hargreeves siblings dancing


And finally, what would The Umbrella Academy be without some killer tunes? If there’s one aspect of the series we can count on, it’s some spot on music cues to compliment the ridiculousness taking place on screen. Will we see a fight scene that tops the majesty of the Backstreet Boys? Or a cover as beautiful as “Hello” by My Kullsvik played over the Swedes funeral scene? Time will tell.

This article was originally published on November 11, 2020 and most recently updated on October 1, 2021.

Featured Image: Netflix

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