David Lynch Torments Laura Palmer Again In A New TWIN PEAKS Behind-The-Scenes Clip

At long last, fans of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic Twin Peaks have the entire series in one complete collection. The just released Twin Peaks: From Z to A Blu-ray box set comes with not only the first two iconic seasons from back in the ’90s, but also the feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, along with the Twin Peaks limited event series which aired on Showtime back in 2017. All of it comes in some amazing collectible packaging that fans will love.

Along with all the special features from the previous releases, this new set comes with hours and hours of new extras. Among the new special features is a 90 minute in depth interview with Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper) and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer). The set also includes a sit down interview with Kimmy Robertson and Harry Goaz, best known as the Sheriff Station’s Lucy and Andy. But maybe the best part is the hours of behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the recent Showtime series, called Behind the Curtain.

You can see a clip above from one of the Behind the Curtain features, which shows Lynch directing Sheryl Lee’s Laura Palmer in the series’ iconic Red Room location.

Kyle MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee reunite for Twin Peaks: The Return, some 25 years after last seeing each other in the Red Room.

CBS / Showtime

The Twin Peaks: From Z to A set also comes with a special extra 4K Ultra HD disc, which showcases a newly remastered version of the original 1990 pilot episode, as well as the truly mind bending Part 8 from the Limited Event Series. That particular episode is a seminal part of the Twin Peaks canon, as it explains the origin of evil within the world of the show. And it also introduced us to a the latest in a long line of creepy Lynch/Frost created characters, the mysterious “Woodsmen.”

The mysterious and unsettling Woodsmen were the latest additions to the Twin Peaks mythology in the 2017 series.

CBS / Showtime

For longtime fans of the series, this new collection is giant payoff after many frustrating years of incomplete box sets. This is going back to the earliest home video releases on VHS. Back in the ’90s, the only available version of Twin Peaks pilot was an “international” cut that contradicted the rest of the series. The version that aired on TV didn’t have an official home video release in the US market for 17 years!

The new Twin Peaks: From Z to A box set is the most comprehensive collection of the series to date.

CBS / Showtime

The rest of the series was available separately from the pilot, but Twin Peaks is a series that doesn’t make a lot of sense without its pilot setting things in motion. Additionally, sets excluded the feature film Fire Walk With Me prior to 2014 due to rights issues. A few years back, CBS secured the rights to not only the series, but also the movie and its long sought after deleted scenes. And after nearly 25 years, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery was released.

But since that time, Twin Peaks has added yet another season, with the 18 episodes that aired on Showtime in 2017. This new box set represents everything Peaks fanatics have wanted for years. Well, until a possible fourth season is announced anyway. Fingers crossed, Peaks fans!

Images: CBS / Showtime

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