Get the Skin of a Killer with TWILIGHT x ColourPop Collection

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of Twilight fans loudly proclaiming, “Where the hell have you been [all my life], loca?” Because the coolest (or is that coldest, you know, in the undead sort of way) ColourPop collection has finally arrived. Yes, though it has made many a fun and nerdy collection before, the true majesty of ColourPop’s Twilight collaboration is something that will live unparalleled for eternity. Not only will this collection literally turn your skin into the glittery skin of a Twilight vampire, but it will also bring back an age-old debate. Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Now, your lipstick can proclaim your allegiance loud and proud. Hold on tight, spider monkeys, and let’s jump into everything this Twilight x ColourPop makeup collection has to offer now that it’s back in stock.

Twilight and ColourPop Collection lip, shimmer, and eye shadow palatte

What’s in the Twilight x ColourPop Collection?

Twilight ColourPop full collection

So, what’s in store for Twihard’s in this Twilight ColourPop collection? We’ll just say it: vampiric excellence. In more practical terms, the Twilight collection includes some ColourPop staples and some specifically Twilight-tailored releases.

In broad strokes, the collection offers the following:

  • Full Collection | $99
  • Twilight Eyeshadow Palette | $24
  • Super Shock Highlighter (2) | $10 each
  • Lux Lip Oil (3) | $11 each
  • Graphix Ink Liner (3) | $10 each
  • SOL Shimmering Dry Oil

But, of course, there’s so much more to it than that. Let’s break down a few of the most fun items in the mix.

Twilight ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette

The Twilight Eyeshadow Palette is probably one of the most anticipated parts of the ColourPop line. Sadly, it doesn’t include “Human Blood Feast” red. But it is described as follows, “Reminiscent of the blue-green hues used throughout the film as well as browns and greens to represent the forest, all aligning with the mood of the iconic first film.” Great. We’ll build the Twilight LEGO set, brush on some of this eyeshadow, and we can live our Twilight dreams. All we need now is more news about the upcoming TV series.

The Twilight ColourPop Palette features shades that include the following gems:

Prom Nig​​ht | Reflecting the gazebo lights

Moonlit | Inspired by Jacob and Bella on the beach

Ice Cold | Calling back to Bella describing Edward

Lion & Lamb | Nodding to the meadow scene

‘Like Diamonds’ SOL Shimmering Dry Oil

Achieve your finest vampiric glimmer with this ColourPop oil designed to bring out your best Edward. The product description shares, “This is your moment to have vampire skin inspired by Edward’s diamond skin sparkling in the sunlight. We captured all the different multi-dimensional sparkles from the scene to essentially create Edward in a bottle. So, yeah, it really is like diamonds.”

Who could say no to Edward in a bottle? It might be the skin of a killer. But what is that in the face of getting to glitter?

Twilight Lux Lip Oils Take On the Ship Wars

Uh, oh. ColourPop and Twilight are stirring the pot with these new Team Edward and Team Jacob lip oils. Hopefully, we can love both shades, and all just get along.

Here is the description for these shippy lip colors:

Team Edward | A deep rich blue with silver pinpoints inspired by Edward’s navy-like style in the movie

Bells | A vampy blackened red reflecting Edward’s attraction to her scent

Team Jacob | A sheer black with silver pinpoints representing Jacob’s jet black hair

When Does the Twilight x ColourPop Collection Release?

Twilight ColourPop full collection 2

The Twilight x ColourPop collection originally released in January, but now it’s back in stock. You can buy all this Twilight makeup on ColourPop‘s website. We feel pretty confident this Twilight x ColourPop collection is going to sell out again quicker than Edward can jump out of Bella’s window. So, don’t delay in snagging your favorite vampiric shade.

Originally published on January 11, 2024.

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