LEGO Announces TWILIGHT Cullen House Set, Finally!

Rejoice, Twihards! LEGO is getting its first Twilight set ever, and it’s all thanks to LEGO Ideas. We should have known a Twilight fan would help make this happen. Although we don’t yet know when this set will release, it is officially coming our way. LEGO recently announced its first LEGO Ideas 2023 review results, revealing seven fan creations that are currently in development. And in among the seven? Why yes, it is a LEGO Twilight: Cullen House set.

LEGO Twilight Cullen House 8
LEGO Ideas

It honestly feels hard to believe that LEGO never made a Twilight set before this one. But it’s better late than never. Edward waited decades for Bella, after all. What is that compared to a few years for a Twilight LEGO set? And it seems like this set will be worth it.

LEGO shares of the Twilight: Cullen House set and its creator, “Nick became a huge Twilight fan as an adult and was inspired to create this impressive LEGO replica of the iconic Cullen family house. His design included a brick-built wolf and, of course, some of the main characters in Minifigure likeness so you can replay your favorite scenes from the movie.” Meanwhile, creator Nick Micheels, aka LobsterThermidor, notes, “No one asked for it, I answered! Welcome to Twilight: Cullen House.  When you see this set on the shelf, you’ll ask, “Where the H-E-Double Lego Bricks have you been, loca!?”

But we have all obviously asked for it. Although the final set will be different than the LEGO Ideas model, this Twilight: Cullen House perfectly brings to life everyone’s favorite vampire family home. It comes complete with three levels and lots of windows. (No turrets, dungeons, or moats.) Of course, Edward must have his piano so he can serenade Bella. And we love the nod to Twilight‘s cover art on the walls, as well as other details such as:

A baseball bat and glove in the garage for playing vampire baseball (only during a thunderstorm, of course)

Graduation cap display art because the Cullens matriculate a lot (it’s a private joke)

NO BEDS! (because vampires don’t get sweepy)

Of course, LobsterThermidor imagines Minifigures will come with the collection. These will include Bella, Edward, Jacob (shirtless and sweaty, duh), and Carlisle Cullen, who looks handsomely pale. With any luck, the official LEGO Twilight set will end up coming with all the Cullens. And these Twilight Minifigures had better sparkle, if you ask us. But the LEGO build of a Werewolf that LobsterThermidor imagines in the collection is very cool. We hope that remains in the purchasable version.

This definitely shouldn’t be LEGO’s last Twilight set, though. We suggest, nay DEMAND, a “Cullens and Bella Play Baseball” set, stat!

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