TRUE DETECTIVE’s Rust Cohle Meets DETECTIVE PIKACHU in a New Mash-up

You know what the denizens of Ryme City, both human and Pokêmon alike, need? Not just a great detective, they need a true one. Now the folks at Funny or Die have found the perfect officer to work with our favorite little yellow sleuth. A cop who is definitely alright (alright, alright). Introducing the most complete crossover yet of HBO’s True Detective the upcoming Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu.Matthew McConaughey’s brooding Rust Cohle teams up with Ryan Reynolds’ Pikachu for “Chu Detective,” an intense story about the officers working the dangerous streets of a strange and mystical world. Somehow Pikachu is not the weird part of this partnership.

Yup, definitely would watch. This premise (which has proven incredibly popular) would be far more logical than True Detective Season 2.The first trailer for Detective Pikachu genuinely looked fantastic, but even if the movie ends up disappointing it will still be a great success in one very specific way. It perfectly lends itself to some seriously funny crossovers with other famous detective stories. We already got a great one with Blade Runner 2049, now this. Eventually we expect (a.k.a better) to see Pikachu work with either Cagney or Lacy, Starsky or Hutch, and end up on The Wire.Of course, this mashup might make more sense than any others. When you are forced to spend your life in a tiny ball, only allowed to leave when you are forced to fight your own kind at the whims or your master, time is a flat circle.

Featured Image: HBO/Warner Bros.

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