10 TRICK ‘R TREAT Facts from Director Mike Dougherty

This year wasn’t the best time to trick-or-treat, so instead we celebrated Halloween with Trick ‘r Treat. Mike Dougherty, director and writer of the 2007 cult classic, led our live online watchalong. Tweeting from the official Legendary account, he shared stories, pictures, and insights from the set, along with concept art, what it took to get the movie made, and the inspirations behind it. Here are the 10 best things we learned about Trick ‘r Treat.

Sam in Trick 'r Treat. Legendary

1. A tutorial about a tutorial.

The film’s opening was never even a part of his script, but Dougherty was so impressed by it he added it into the movie.

2. The “original” film.

You can see the origins of the movie, including Sam, in Dougherty’s 1996 animated student film “Season’s Greetings.”

3. Delicious blood (no really).

We still feel bad for Charlie, but is it weird we’re jealous of Brett Kelly getting to throw up a tasty fake blood concoction? (Yes? It is weird? Fair enough.)

4. The real face behind Sam.

Sam was played by a young Quinn Lord, so that the Halloween mascot would look and move like a child. But you do get to see Lord’s actual face in the movie too. That’s him playing Peeping Tommy.

5. The Normans meet a Baker.

Funny, “part Norman Rockwell, part Norman Bates” is a perfect description for a lot of Dylan Baker’s roles.

6. No studio wanted to make it, but some very talented people did.

Trick ‘r Treat could have had two very different outcomes. One would have seen multiple big name, super talented directors shoot their own vignettes. Yet, in another timeline it was never even made. Thankfully Legendary’s decision to produce its very first solo movie made sure we avoided the latter.

7. The real Halloween festivals that inspired the movie.

At least one child should have to dress as Sam on Halloween in Columbus, Ohio every year. And he should get to stay up ’til midnight ringing random doorbells.

8. Giving the world what it needed—more female werewolves.

True story: we still want more women lycanthropes on the big screen. More on the small screen would be nice too.

9. Halloween’s very own Scrooge.

More like “Ebenkreegor” Scrooge, right? …Sorry. Please don’t let that terrible joke distract from what a perfect choice Brian Cox was for this role.

10. A spooky answer to Santa celebrates the holiday.

We hoped to learn a lot from our Trick ‘r Treat watchalong, and we did. But we didn’t expect to get a little emotional about what it means.

Featured Image: Legendary

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