Toys ‘R’ Us Is Coming Back Thanks to Macy’s

It was only a few years back that the iconic Toys “R” Us chain of stores closed down for good. (It happened after the company filed for bankruptcy in 2017.) Millions of Gen-X and Millennial adults who spent their childhoods wandering their aisles poured one out for Geoffrey the Giraffe. Well, the end of the beloved toy store wound up being pretty short-lived. We’ve learned (via Collider) that Macy’s department store chain has come to the rescue. Toys “R” Us lives, and it will reside inside your local Macy’s.

Beginning in 2022, Toys “R” Us toy shopping departments will be in over 400 Macy’s locations across the country. In addition, the company’s toys will be available for purchase on both and Ever since Toys “R” Us folded in 2018, rumors sprang up that it would make a comeback. There were some pop-up stores here and there. But those didn’t last very long. Then earlier this year, they announced that smaller Toys “R” Us stores were on the way. Now we know they’re back thanks to this new partnership.

The Toys R Us logo.

Toys “R” Us

As part of the big return, Macy’s will push the brand pretty hard starting next year. That means a Geoffrey the Giraffe balloon in their Thanksgiving Day parade. In a pandemic world, consolidation is how a lot of these brands are surviving. While it won’t be the massive toy emporium from our childhoods, it’s certainly better than going the way of the dinosaur. The Toys “R” Us name is still an iconic one, so it makes sense that Macy’s would hone in on such a well-known brand.

Further information, including shop size and which specific Macy’s stores will incorporate a section, is still unknown at this time. But we can’t wait to see what it will look like. We expect more news about this collaboration in the coming months.

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